NPR logo No, We're Not Giving you $13 Billion

No, We're Not Giving you $13 Billion

More drama here at the climate talks in Copenhagen. This morning African delegates forced a stop to some proceedings, though now everyone seems to be back in the room talking again.

Also there was this fake press release that got sent out that appeared to be from the Canadian government saying it had given in on some major issues and would be contributing 1% of it's GDP ($13 billion) to a climate fund for Africa.

The release is pretty convincing in style if not content.

The Canadian government calls the spoof dangerous.

And weirdly that Canadian response to the spoof links to a faked version of the official conference site which suggests that a Ugandan diplomat believed the story. (Note: That reponse is a fake also, which explains it.)

Frankly I'm not sure what's real. But here on the ground things seem pretty normal.

The Globe and Mail in Canada has a full story.

What a mess.