The Falling Dollar And The N.H.L. : Planet Money The falling dollar has been a boon for long struggling Canadian N.H.L. franchises.
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The Falling Dollar And The N.H.L.

Canada may be hockey obsessed but that hasn't always meant the Canucks had the best hockey teams. A few years back, the National Hockey Leagues even created a fund to help struggling Canadian teams pay for better players.

Oh, how things have changed — largely because of the falling U.S. dollar. The Canadian dollar has been rising relative to the greenback since 2002 and the N.H.L. pay contract states players must be paid in dollars.

That's been a boon for the six Canadian teams.

According to Forbes's annual ranking of team valuations, released last month, is headed by the Toronto Maple Leafs, with the Montreal Canadiens and the Vancouver Canucks also in the top 10. Over all, the six Canadian teams' average ranking in the magazine's analysis is 12th in the 30-team league — a sharp contrast with 2002, when the six Canadian teams averaged 21st.