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How To Help Yvrose Jean Baptiste

Yvrose Jean Baptiste carries a bucket of chicken necks for sale in Haiti. Chana Joffe-Walt/NPR hide caption

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The latest word from Yvrose Jean Baptiste — the small-time Haitian wholesaler who we talked to in a recent podcast — is that she hasn't been able to work out a solution with her lender yet. She's trying to.

Several people have asked how they might help her.

Yvrose is setting up an account at Fonkoze, a well-regarded microcredit financial institution in Haiti.

Folks can send checks payable to Yvrose Jean Baptiste to:

Fonkoze USA
50 F Street NW, Suite 810
Washington, DC 20001

That money will be deposited directly into Yvrose's account and only she will have access to it. We'll make sure of that. We'll also be following up with Yrose in the coming weeks so stay tuned for an update.