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Vote: Name Our Toxic Asset!

We're tired of calling our toxic asset "our toxic asset." It's time to give it a name.

You gave us your suggestions. We picked our favorites. Now we throw it back to you: Vote by midnight on Thursday, March 25th. We'll announce the winner on next Friday's podcast.

After the jump: The stories behind the names. Also: Three reasons why we used the ridiculous sunset graphic for our poll.

Update: The voting is closed. Congratulations, Toxie.

Kenny: As in Kenny Loggins, who performed "Danger Zone," and also in honor of the South Park character who (at least in the first few seasons) got killed in every episode. Like Kenny, your asset's future contains certain doom. It's not a question of if it will die off, but how, and when. And when it does, I will shout at my computer, "Oh My God, They Killed Kenny!"
-Michael Gray

Maverick: If the song for your asset is "Highway To The Danger Zone," then of course you have to name it "Maverick," after Tom Cruise's character in "Top Gun." ... Maverick was a loose cannon ... Then, in the moment of truth, when it looks like he's cracked and won't come through in combat, he gets his second wind , comes back into the fight and saves the day.
-Doug Vanderweide

Nina: For the No Income, No Asset loans that may have helped make her.
-Tyler Kilgore

Toxie: If you need an explanation on this one, submitted by several listeners, you're going to have to get it somewhere else.

Tulip: I picked the name Tulip as a reference to the Dutch tulip crisis of the early 1600's, which is one of the first great crises is in economic history. Your toxic asset, much like a tulip bulb, is an unassuming instrument of economic turmoil, something that you wouldn't expect would cause so many problems.
-Michael Vaneps

Three reasons why we used the ridiculous sunset graphic: 1. It's awesome. 2. Many of the homes in our toxic asset are in the sunbelt. 3. It's 70 degrees in NYC right now.