NPR logo The Last Time The Dow Closed Above 11,000

The Last Time The Dow Closed Above 11,000

A few loose ends to round out the day:

"It is obvious that the recession is over," economist Robert J. Gordon writes on the WSJ's Real Time Economics blog. Gordon is one of the members of that committee that recently decided it's too soon to call an end to the recession.

But Gordon disagrees with his fellow committee members (and with those of you who voted in our recession poll.) GDP is rising, and the "economy is enjoying strong upward momentum that is evident every day in the announcements of retail sales, service sector production, and almost everything else," he writes.

The Dow Jones Industrial average closed above 11,000 today for the first time since September 28, 2008. That was the day before the House blocked a bank bailout bill and the Dow fell by 777 points. Listen to our Sept. 29, 2008 podcast to hear how things sounded at the time.