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Android Outsells iPhone

It feels like the world is still in the grip of iPhonemania. But maybe not: Phones running Google's Android operating system outsold the iPhone in the first quarter of this year. What's more, BlackBerry phones outsold both iPhones and phones running Android.

BlackBerry phones, which run an operating system from Research In Motion, had 36 percent market share, according to NPD group, a research company. Android phones (including the widely advertised Droid) had a 28 percent share. And iPhones, which run Apple's own operating system, had a 21 percent share.

It was the first time Android phones outsold iPhones. That helped Verizon — which sells the Droid but not the iPhone — become more of a player in the smartphone business, Bloomberg News notes.

More action in the segment is likely in the relatively near future. HP just spent $1.2 billion to buy Palm, which has been lagging. Dell is going to start selling an Android phone. And Microsoft is expected to release a new mobile operating system later this year, Bloomberg says.