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Ð Is The New $

Last week, when the rupee got a new, rational symbol, we asked readers to come up with a new, improved symbol for the dollar. Here are some of the responses we received:

new dollar sign
new dollar sign
new dollar sign

1. Enrique Gómez proposes using the letter Eth from Old English, Ð. The  symbol, he writes, would have a historical connection with the Anglo Saxon languages — and it's represented in Unicode (as U+00D0).

2. The word "dollar" is derived from the German word "thaler," a large silver coin. That inspired Jarrod Ranney to combine a D and a T to make this symbol. The large version denotes dollars; large is cents.


3. Ranney's second design uses the shape of a "T", for thaler, and is also "symbolic of an American Flag," he writes.

new dollar sign


4. The fourth entry comes from Dean Koffler. Here's the entirety of the note that he sent along with the image: "Pretty lame but I was bored at work."




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