Better Living Through Libertarianism

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Everybody's hollering these days about socialism and libertarianism. We're wading into the fray to understand what those terms really mean.

Last week, we talked to a socialist about modern socialism.

On today's podcast, we talk to two libertarians from the Cato Institute — economist Mark Calabria, and David Boaz, author of Libertarianism: A Primer.

We asked Boaz what life would be like under a libertarian government. His answer:

David Boaz: You would be much richer, you would be happier, you would be better looking, you would be taller.

Adam Davidson: Would I be stronger?

DB: Absolutely.

AD: Could I eat fattening foods but somehow maintain a slim physique?

DB: Yes, probably. ... With faster economic growth, we'd have better technology. And we probably would have all these miracle fats that don't put any weight on you.

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