NPR logo In Haiti, A Waiter Dreams Of Becoming An Accountant

In Haiti, A Waiter Dreams Of Becoming An Accountant

Caitlin Kenney/NPR

Recently, we've been asking lots of people some basic questions about money.

Today we hear from Jonas Prouyes, who works as a waiter in Saint-Marc, Haiti.

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Are you worried about money?

Not too much.

Do you have any debts?


Are you saving money?

I started saving. But sometimes in the middle of the road I have family and friends that need help, so I give them part of that savings.

What did you do before you worked as a waiter?

I went the to Dominican Republic and bought things, and came to Haiti to sell them. Somehow something happened and I lost that money. That's why I am now working as a waiter.

What happened?

I didn't master the Spanish language really. I had people who were helping me go to the Dominican Republic and those people, they stole my money.

I definitely don't want to stay here working as a waiter. I like my independence.

What's your dream job?

My dream is to be an accountant. The situation is hard right now, so I can't pay school. My dream is to be in a situation where I can help others because I am here right now because of other people that helped me out.

Note: This is a condensed version of our conversation, translated from Haitian Creole.