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Bank Dress Code: 'Makeup ... Will Enhance Your Personality'

UBS, the big Swiss bank, has published a dress code for some of its employees.

It's 44 pages long, and includes an astonishing range of tips for both men and women.

The dress code in French, translations of some of the code have popped up around the Web. (Note to our French-speaking readers: We'd love it if you could read the dress code and add translations your favorite parts in the comments section of this post.)

Here are a few gems:

"Strong breath (garlic, onions, cigarettes) can have a significant impact on communication. It is nevertheless possible to fight bad breath - during the week avoid dishes made with garlic and onions." (via Business Insider)

Male employees of a certain age are warned against dying their hair, because "artificial color contrasts excessively with the actual age of your skin." (via WSJ)

"Light makeup consisting of foundation, mascara and discreet lipstick ... will enhance your personality." (via WSJ)

"We recommend protecting skin by applying a skin cream that consists of nourishing and soothing elements. Thus, your skin will appear beautiful and you will be radiant!" (via Business Insider)

The guidelines are being tested at the moment; UBS may roll them out for employees at retail banks around Switzerland, Reuters reports.

"They are meant as recommendations and not as hard and fast rules," a UBS spokesman told Reuters. "It remains to be decided whether the guidelines will be extended to all 300 Swiss branches, depending on how they are received by staff in the five pilot branches."

Update: Thanks to everyone who has added their own translations in the comments. NPR's own Jamie Tarabay just emailed me to share one of her favorite lines: "the best time to apply your perfume is right after a hot shower."