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How To Make Your Own Toxie

Marisa Flignor
A handmade Toxie by a 13-year-old listener.
Marisa Flignor

Planet Money listener Paul Flignor received his very own Toxie, the toxic asset, from his 13-year-old daughter Marisa this Hanukkah. She writes:

When my Dad first discovered Toxie, the toxic asset, he immediately showed it to us kids. I found it cute and informative; good thing too because it was all he listened to for the rest of the week. I became so accustomed to the opening "beeps" that I could soon predict when the video would start. As Hanukkah season came around, I naturally thought Dad's present should somehow relate to Toxie. He had even said himself that what he really wanted was an actual toxic asset. Well, I couldn't get him that, so I made my Dad the next best thing-his own Toxie.



1. Turquoise/blue yarn

2. Cardboard (preferably thin)

3. Scissors

4. Exacto knife (optional)

5. Two circular objects to trace, one large and one small, e.g., two different sized drinking glasses.

Other items:

1. 2 large googly eyes

2. Dark blue felt

3. Red felt/red ribbon

4. Cardboard/poster board

5. Red marker

6. Fabric glue


1. Make the pom-pom. I used this website. (Hint: When wrapping the yarn, make sure to wrap around several times so Toxie will be thick and fluffy. Our Toxie is about 4 inches in diameter.)

2. Glue on the eyes. Cut and glue a simple mouth and from the blue felt. If using red felt, cut felt into one long strip and tie into a bow. Otherwise, tie the ribbon into a bow.

3. Cut two arms from the cardboard or poster board and two slightly larger legs. They should resemble stretched out teardrops. Color both sides of each arm and leg red then glue on to the pom-pom.