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The Journal Of Universal Rejection

There exists a journal so prestigious — so elite and selective — that it has never published a single manuscript. It has rejected every submission it has every received. It is the aptly named Journal of Universal Rejection.

From the publication's submission guidelines:

The JofUR solicits any and all types of manuscript: poetry, prose, visual art, and research articles. You name it, we take it, and reject it. Your manuscript may be formatted however you wish. Frankly, we don't care.

...Often the Editor-in-Chief will reject your work out-of-hand, without even reading it! However, he might read it. Probably he'll skim. ... rejection may languish like your email buried in the Editor-in-Chief's inbox. But it will come, swift or slow, as surely as death. Rejection.

Submissions should be emailed to Small files only, please. Why not just send the first couple pages if it is long?

(Note to Planet Money readers: If you submit something, please let us know how it goes!)

From the journal's archives:

  • March 2009 (Vol 1, No 1) contents: (empty)
  • June 2009 (Vol 1, No 2) contents: (empty)
  • September 2009 (Vol 1, No 3) contents: (empty)
  • December 2009 (Vol 1, No 4) contents: (empty - because we were on holiday)
  • March 2010 (Vol 2, No 1) contents: (empty)
  • June 2010 (Vol 2, No 2) contents: (empty)

    Hat tip: Kedrosky

  • Update: The blog Retraction Watch has an interview with the journal's editor.