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The Anti-PowerPoint Party Is Not Kidding

The Internet is having a laugh about the Anti-PowerPoint-Party. But I don't think Matthias Poehm, the guy behind the party, is kidding. (Either that, or he has a very, very dry sense of humor.)

Poehm, who lives in Switzerland and wrote an anti-PowerPoint book, writes:

In some countries students and pupils are punished with a lower mark, if they give a presentation without PowerPoint*. Superiors are obliging their co-workers to use PowerPoint*. The fact is that the average PowerPoint* presentation creates boredom. ...

In the future, those in companies, congresses, universities, schools, who want to renounce PowerPoint*, should not have to justify themselves any longer. ... We want that the number of boring PowerPoint* presentations on the planet to decrease and the average presentation to become more exciting and more interesting. ...

*PowerPoint as a representative for all presentation software

Here's the full argument, including a strikingly humorless video.

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