Occupy Harvard : Planet Money Some students are calling for a walkout of Greg Mankiw's intro econ course. Here's Mankiw's response.
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Occupy Harvard

From the Crimson:

A small group of Harvard students and employees staged an "Occupy Speakout" at noon on Tuesday to express their solidarity with the "National Day of Action."

The group also sought to raise awareness of events they have planned for today, including a walkout of the popular Economics 10 introductory course ...

"I urge all students to walk out of Ec 10, [because it] represents the ideology that brought about our current economic situation," shouted organizer Gabriel H. Bayard '15.

Rachel J. Sandalow-Ash '15, who with Bayard is helping organize the Economics 10 walk-out, said she believes the class pushes a "strongly conservative neoliberal ideology." She said, for example, that she thought lectures promoted conservative views against minimum wage.

The class is taught by Greg Mankiw, the author of popular econ textbooks and an adviser to Mitt Romney. Mankiw writes on his blog today:

Ironically, the topic for today's lecture is the distribution of income, including the growing gap between the top 1 percent and the bottom 99 percent. I am sorry the protesters will miss it.