How Much Money Makes You Rich? : Planet Money An annual income of $150,000, or assets of $1 million, according to a recent survey of Americans. Where would you set the threshold?
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How Much Money Makes You Rich?

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How much money makes you rich? According to Americans surveyed recently by Gallup, you're rich if you have $1 million in assets, or $150,000 in annual income.

Those were the median answers; people with college degrees, those with larger incomes, and those who live in cities and suburbs tended to give higher answers.

Planet Money Question of the Day:

How much money makes you rich?

We know that true wealth is the love of friends and family, the satisfaction of a job well done, etc. We know this is a wildly subjective question.

But we're looking for numbers here: Please tell us, in terms of annual income and/or net worth, what's the minimum required to count as rich? Feel free to add context such as age, family size, and what part of the country (or the world) you're talking about.

If you want to chew over some data before answering, here's a graph showing the distribution of household incomes in America, and here's more from the Gallup survey.

Please post your answer in the comments. Thanks!

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