NPR logo Former Social Security Commissioners and Others Respond to Our Disability Story


Former Social Security Commissioners and Others Respond to Our Disability Story

Our series on government disability programs continues to provoke debate. A group of former commissioners from the Social Security Administration (Social Security runs the programs) put out this response.

And here's a response from the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities.

Here are various papers looking at issues raised in our series, particularly factors driving the program's growth:

Harold Pollack of the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration posted this in response to our reporting on the disability program for children:

Mary Daly, at the San Francisco Federal Reserve (source of this graph) put out this briefing paper:

Dylan Mathews at Wonkblog laid out a couple of policy proposals for reforming Social Security Disability Insurance:

Judge Randall Frye, President of the Association of Administrative Law Judges and featured in our story, announced plans to call for changes in the way Social Security runs disability hearings:

Last Friday, disability researchers gathered at a conference organized by the American Enterprise Institute and the Brookings Institution. They covered a wide range of topics, included ones we looked at in our reporting. You can watch the whole thing here:



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