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Should We Put A QR Code On The Planet Money T-Shirt?

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As you may know already, we're making a t-shirt that tells the story of its own creation. To do this, we were planning to put a little QR code and a url on the back of the shirt.

A QR code looks like the little square on the left over there. You scan it with your smartphone, and it takes you directly to a url — in the case of our t-shirt, it will take you to the story of our t-shirt.

We launched our Kickstarter campaign for the shirt last week, and we are thrilled and a little overwhelmed by how many people have signed up.

But a fair number of people have asked us not to put a QR code on the shirt. (Our favorite anti-QR code comments linked to this flowchart and this Tumblr. Clever!) In response, a pro-QR code faction has emerged.

We don't want to take sides on this one; we want you to decide. Should we put a QR-code and a url on the shirt? Or should we leave off the QR code and just use the url?

Our poll will close on Tuesday, May 14 — the same day our Kickstarter campaign closes.



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