I Am Cellphone, Hear Me Roar

Last week, after two long years, I became eligible for a free cell phone upgrade with Verizon. My old phone had been through so much trauma that the least egregious tragedy to befall it was being chewed on by my dog. At that moment, when the phone was somewhere between my dog's incisors and slobbery tongue, it was probably just grateful to be in my warm house and not on the side of a road or in a field. My goal was to walk into the Verizon store and purchase a phone that did nothing but make calls. When the employee would try to sell me on a phone that could do everything from drive a Prius to drink 8 glasses of water a day (so that I could continue down my current path of doing neither), I was going to decline in the name of simplicity. I planned to talk extra loudly so that other customers could hear me extol the virtues of a "less is more" philosophy. I didn't want mp3 capabilities, a camera, or anything I could wave in the air at a concert in lieu of a lighter—I just needed a mouthpiece and a couple of buttons with numbers on them. It was all part of my plan to continue to eschew certain technologies that felt like they were distancing me from more tactile experiences.

Then, somewhere between my house and the mall, I bought an iPhone.

A friend of mine uses the term iHole to refer to people who parade their Apple products around. I don't have anything to add to that sentence.

So, now I have a phone that can tell me the weather. Currently, my phone says it is 55 degrees and raining. Awesome, now I don't need to look out my window; it does take a lot of energy to rotate my neck. In fact, I'll just shut the blinds and load Google Earth onto my phone's web browser. Wow, it's like I live in Portland. And I can check my email every 5 seconds instead of every 5 minutes, which means I just lost 5 friends on account of being that much more annoying. This iPhone is great. No, really it is pretty great. Do you want to see my photo library?

And here, last but not least, is the music part of this post. I am fascinated by ringtones. While many of our music listening experiences have become more privatized, our tastes are more publicized than ever. Between playlists on iTunes, social networking sites, and (ahem) blogs, we pretty much know what everyone else likes or dislikes. But ringtones are the musical calling cards; they broadcast our current favorites, our sense of humor, and depending on their volume, our level of hearing loss out to the world. Ringtones provide a momentary aural blueprint of who we are, or at least of who we want the world to think we are. Ringtones also establish a fleeting but collective listening experience. I guess it is testament to the power of music that even on the tiniest of stages, for better or worse, it can still be heard loud and clear.

Ok, I am off to download Dan Fogelberg's "Auld Lang Syne" as my default.

Until Monday......

Note: This post was brought to you by Apple, AT&T, Google, and Verizon Wireless.



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Psht. My ring tone is the theme from Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

Sent by Ben | 3:05 PM | 11-16-2007

On my recent honeymoon, train-bound from Milan to Firenze, the cell phone of a 20-year old Spanish girl united a random group of Italians, Americans, and Brazilians in hearty laughter/lightly mocking dance when it repeatedly rang with The Pussycat Dolls "Don't cha." She ended up being pretty cool, though, and the lot of us probably wouldn't have chatted without her phone setting us off.

Sent by Matt B. | 3:10 PM | 11-16-2007

I read this on PitchFork the other day (Thurston Moore talking about ringtones).

" J Mascis has the best ringtone, he just put his phone on top of his drum and then he just like whacked the drum with a drumstick and he recorded it onto his phone, so when his phone, well...rings, it actually just goes, "BABABABABA!" [laughs]."

PS - The ThunderAnt theme music would be a great ringtone!

I read that too. I think the fact that Pitchfork includes the "My Ringtone" category in their artist questionnaire is one of the reasons I've been thinking about this topic so much. -CB

Sent by Long Ball Larry | 3:12 PM | 11-16-2007

I am not embarrassed to mention my ringtone had been "Jumpers" up until the purchase of my iPhone. Now I have Delta 5, X, and the default robot noise. I don't know why, but the robot noise is my favorite.

Sent by beth | 3:14 PM | 11-16-2007

Scene: any crowded public area. There is a middle aged man in work attire, apparently waiting for something. Suddenly, Nelly/Pussycat Dolls/dare I say Nickelback/something of this sort starts blasting from his pocket. Instead of seizing the moment to show that he has chosen this ringtone for purely humorous reasons, he immediately blushes and turns the ringer off.

This has happened on a fairly regular basis.
Oh, ringtones, how I appreciate you.

Sent by Alex Hebler | 3:19 PM | 11-16-2007

What about those of us in the world too lazy to waste our energy on choosing a ringtone, let alone creating one? My cell phone is the simplistic kind and is more like a teenage formality than any sort of useful device for contacting me. I'm not even sure what the default ringtone I selected two years ago sounds like.

Sent by Emma | 3:29 PM | 11-16-2007

I really only use special ringtones in conjunction with specific people. For instance, I have a friend who is obsessed with Rush, so I have his ringtone set as the part in "Subdivisions" where the deep voice says subdivivsons. Works perfectly.

The same guy has his ring for me as a song that sounds like it's straight out of I Love Lucy and a picture of me cooking. It is much funnier than it sounds. Trust me

Sent by Brandon | 3:35 PM | 11-16-2007

I've actually missed calls because my iPhone will ring, "Dance Song '97" starts playing, and I wait until the last possible moment to answer as if that will be the only time I will be able to hear 20 seconds of that song.

Sent by Ryan | 3:39 PM | 11-16-2007

How about the Final Countdown by Europe? It makes you laugh thinking of Gob from Arrested Development.

Sent by BS | 3:52 PM | 11-16-2007

don't you just have gmail notifier or something running so that you're effectively checking your email constantly?? it's the only way to fly.
wish i had that service for music. "alert - new band just released a record you will like."
hmmm. or maybe the fun is in the chase...

Sent by jen | 3:53 PM | 11-16-2007

Oh, iPhone. The woman I share my work space with has one and she has had tons of problems with it. I always hear her on the phone talking to some tech person about not being able to check her email blah blah blah.

My Spanish teacher's phone rang in class and her ringtone was Nirvana's "Come As You Are" which you wouldn't have guessed AT ALL. My classmate and I were completely dumbfounded.

Sent by Jaime | 3:55 PM | 11-16-2007

I am under thirty and have never owned a cell phone. I can think of maybe only five times in the last ten years when I thought "Gee, I really wish I had a cell phone right now" and none of those instances where actual emergencies, just inconveniences. Am I alone on this one?

Sent by Jeef | 3:57 PM | 11-16-2007

I would like to see more bands doing live covers of built-in default ringtone hits such as "Fiesta Grande" and "Italo Clubber."

Sent by tim | 4:24 PM | 11-16-2007

Alright.., all intrinsic aural satisfactions aside. Whether they be, pop culture oriented, or simply hold no popular culture references at all.

Do you have the same screensaver up (from all of the ads) for pure visual stimulation that looks like 'Nemo?' And were his 'hang ten' sea turtle buddies included as default images too?

It appears kinda cool & not too precious. Uhh, yeah, the fish, not just the phone. Or am I wrong here? Ah Pish! Oh well, have a dry weekend while soaking up all of that user manual info/mumbo-jumbo jargon. Don't get too sucked into it enough to not take time to enjoy the rain. .. .... . And more importantly don't leave it in reach of the dog or it may get chomped, once, twice, or thrice. As parents were of topic this week, and the introduction of a mischevious dog as well. My parent's dog likes to grab remotes and prance circles in front of you, taunting for a chase. Umm, Um, attention seekers.

over & out.


Sent by Brian | 4:30 PM | 11-16-2007

Ringtones can be so hilarious. I was once taking a Western Civ test when I heard "THEY SEE ME ROLLIN, THEY HATIN, PATROLLIN" coming from somewhere behind me. Turns out it belonged to the extremely quiet, mousy young girl a few seats back. Even our professor was laughing.

Sent by Karissa | 4:52 PM | 11-16-2007

Let me guess, you're eyeing the leopard skinned snap-on protective hard case and screen protector right now aren't you? Hey, I just took that big leap into 2001 and bought an iPod. Why? For the highly obnoxious reason that my somewhat new car came with an iPod hookup. I would've gotten an iPhone but I just signed a 2 year contract with Verizon. Had I known about the weather feature however???

So, every time your phone rings, will you drink a toast to innocence? Will you drink a toast to now?

I'm drinking right now. -CB

Sent by East Coast Terry | 5:05 PM | 11-16-2007

Also, in a wave of "less is more" philosophical delusions of superiority I stuck with the original phone and ringtone handed to me the day I grudgingly acquired one. Several accidents later, nothing so tragic as a dog mauling, it's still intact and as simple and functional as ever.

However, whenever someone has a TV on and my provider's ad ends and the little bit of the stock ringtone goes off I reach for my phone. Pavlov would be proud.

My bosses ring tone is an actual recording of a vintage antique phone. So, it rings, honestly rings.

Sent by Jack | 5:09 PM | 11-16-2007

I'd like to occupy the role of the elderly curmudgeon and play the "you kids and your damn music!" card.

I despise ringtones. Seriously, I can't stand them, even if I happen to like the song in question. It seems like people with ringtones purposefully want to draw attention to the fact that they're receiving a call. It bugs the crap out of me. Either choose a non-distracting ring or set your phone to vibrate. I see it as one of those symptoms of a society that's been a little bit too hijacked by its technology, because it seems to violate every notion of what would have been considered decent etiquette even ten years ago.

Man, I sound old. Sorry, it's just a pet peeve.

Thank you for being that guy. I agree that one horrible side effect of ringtones is that they inadvertently (or maybe maliciously) put awful songs in your head. When "My Humps" by The Black Eyed Peas was a popular ringtone, I walked around angry most of the day. -CB

Sent by Patrick Caldwell | 5:35 PM | 11-16-2007

all the bands on pitchfork say "vibrate" or "default" aren't they the coolest? answer- false. i have about 4 ringtones on rotation. right now its the unicorns "jellybones."

i think my next one will be the curb your enthusiasm theme.

Sent by Lauren | 5:41 PM | 11-16-2007

I miss being able to PUT ringtones on my phone (a newer cingular walkman model).

Cingular lied about being able to put mp3s on my phone as my ringer..Customers have to download Cingular mp3s.

I can have music for texts and alarms
(detroit cobras yell at me every morning)
but i'd rather keep it on silent than listen to the lame beeps...time to get a dog that loves plastic..

Sent by Dave | 5:42 PM | 11-16-2007

"The Imperial March" from Star Wars. I hate my phone and it adds an appropriate sense of doom when it rings.

Sent by Meredith | 5:51 PM | 11-16-2007

mine's kinda dorky... it's a piece of an old Cex tune ("Get in yr squads"): http://www.josephhall.org/tmp/get_in_yr_squads-cex.mp3

(will take that down in 48 hrs.)

Sent by joe | 5:52 PM | 11-16-2007

so here's a stupid iphone ringtone thing - i just recently decided to play around with the ringtones on my iphone and went exploring the whole ringtone maker on itunes only to discover that a lot of my purchased music can't actually be made into ringtones. so at first i was a little annoyed, but then i figured that maybe it's for the best. i mean, how fast would i get tired of elvis costello if i heard Welcome to the Working Week every time my office called? Maybe it's best if all things are left at Marimba. maybe it's best to keep the music in the music world and the ringtones in the ringing world. incidentally, i still feel a little guilty about loving my iphone so much, what with its maps and on-demand sudoku playing and whatnot.

Sent by nathan | 6:11 PM | 11-16-2007

Patrick Caldwell = "I despise ringtones....because it seems to violate every notion of what would have been considered decent etiquette even ten years ago."

"For the times they are a-changin'." ~ Dylan

"The song was also quoted by Steve Jobs when Apple Computer introduced the first Macintosh computer, Macintosh 128K in 1984." ~ wikipedia

Oh man, Patrick, honestly, I'm not knocking you. It was just too opportunistic. Then the ironic quote from wiki stepped up, so I took liberty of tying it all together as one. So really I'm not discrediting you, your point is valid. The technology is here to stay, no doubt of that. However, as far as etiquette is concerned, what offends me more are the users who are so wrapped up into the conversation that they don't hold off while in a public situation. The "too absorbed at the moment to think outside of the bubble," types. That's the sign to me to, "C'mon, get real." The LOUD, and boisterous ringtones are what get my unwanted attention.

I admit to just choosing a ring tone that's already programmed, a few times I've thought, "that could be cool to put in." Then just leave it be. This topic has got me thinking, maybe the first 6 secs of the intro to "Bull In The Heather" for each ring. Subtle, and soothing. Definitely unobtrusive, and unique.

Sent by Brian | 6:39 PM | 11-16-2007

Thank you for this, Carrie. This is the hardest I've laughed all day.

And I laugh a lot.

My phone does nothing but phone (everyone hates me because I shut off the texting feature), I've declined the "new" phone twice now because I don't want to take pictures of cute dogs on the street while I'm talking to my grandpa.

Sent by Elizabeth | 6:59 PM | 11-16-2007

I just got a new phone after having my original one since 2003. I only set my phone to vibrate though. If I had to have a ringtone, it would also be Europe's The Final Countdown or the Arrested Development theme.

I hate it when someone has a really annoying ringtone and when you ask them what it is, they get all snotty. "UMMMM, it's the new Fall Out Boy single....". Yikes, sorry i asked.

Sent by Carla K. | 7:29 PM | 11-16-2007

I am all about some "867-5309 Jenny" for my ringtone right now. A song about a phone! I am so clever!

Sent by Chriso | 8:11 PM | 11-16-2007

iHole...thats funny. another "laugh-out-loud" moment to startle my coworkers.

p.s. i'm a huge advocate of Apple products but don't have an iPhone...yet.

Sent by Sarah | 8:13 PM | 11-16-2007

I wanted my ringtone to be "Hello Operator" but couldn't find it online, at least not one compatible with my phone. So right now it's "Stupid Girl" (Garbage, not the Rolling Stones).

Now I'm wanting "The Final Countdown" as my ringtone. Curse you, Gob!

Sent by Laura E. | 9:24 PM | 11-16-2007

hm. i heard the iphone has a clock. is that true?

Sent by Georgia | 9:52 PM | 11-16-2007

i used to flaunt my fave music through my ringtone once upon a time. but not anymore. i just grew tired of it, and just chose the simplest one on the list.

Sent by sue | 11:45 PM | 11-16-2007

I work with an iHole. He walks up and down the hall
carrying his iPhone with the white earbuds draped
around his neck. I bought a $500 Dyson. Should I
walk up and down the hall pushing it around?

Sent by G.B. | 11:49 PM | 11-16-2007

I started out as one of those "ringtones are stupid" people, but when I realized that all of the tones that came with the phone were a hundred times more annoying than music, I decided that resistance was futile. Right now mine is "Rock the Casbah."

Sent by Nick | 12:05 AM | 11-17-2007

People love the iPhone now, because nobody has owned one for more than a few months. Most Apple products break within a year so that you will have to buy the latest model. I've gone through four ipods myself.

Sent by Dan G | 12:58 AM | 11-17-2007

Iphones have yet to arrive here, as no cell phone provider will support them.

I didn't want the free phone. I really didn't want the free phone, because my old phone had no camera, flashed lights when people called, andddd.....had Bikini Kill's "Alien She", Bratmobile's "Brat Girl", Elliott Smith's "Angeles", and Cadallaca's "You're My Only One" and "Out West" stored on it.

Then I moved, was talked into the free phone. I now have a camera. 'cries' and no fabulous Kill Rock Stars ringtones. I do, however, have "Paint It Black" for when friends call, a song by this Canadian band Blue Rodeo when my mother calls, "Play" by J.Lo when anyone from my maternal family calls, and "Champagne Supernova" when anyone else calls.

Sent by Kirie | 1:01 AM | 11-17-2007

When I first got my FIRST cell... I downloaded my fav song as the ringer and it was great... (Pearl Jams : Save You) and it played like the first 30 seconds... faded off right after the "Gonna save you F-er"

Then I got a new one... and Save You was no longer an option... I downloaded a few new songs... And I found... that unless the lil song clip, is in the right spot of the song... it doesnt work as a ringtone... So I know just use a really annoying ring that came with the phone, that sounds like a bomb/alarm ready to explode... Let me tell ya, I answer my phone in the first 3 rings every time... fearing my phones going to EXPLODE...

But after the explosion, of ringtone fever... I thought to myself... its even better for alarms... waking up in the morning to a fav song... just makes the day start off so much better...

On my way home from the Neil Young concert Tuesday night... me and my friend were talking about just how crazy small the world has gotten with the technology... as we were driving down the highway, leaving Chicago... I sent a txt-email to a friend in DENMARK!!!!!

Sent by Kramer | 1:24 AM | 11-17-2007

I love assigning ringtones to certain callers. My husband is "Sexyback" only because he secretly loves Justin Timberlake and I catch him listening from time to time. My best friend is "I'm Too Sexy" and she has that one for me too.

Sent by Kista | 8:19 AM | 11-17-2007

I've recently been in a spat with my roommates so now everytime either one of them calls my phone rings "driven to tears". I also have monty python play when my parents call, "We are now no longer the knights who say ni..."

Sent by MC | 9:41 AM | 11-17-2007

I've always preferred the normal "ring ring" sound effect. Anything else (like a top-40 song) just sounds too gimmicky and superfluous.

What's interesting is that "Ringtone rap" has become a deragatory term for certain types of hiphop music.

Sent by Andy C. | 9:50 AM | 11-17-2007

Fighting the IPhone urge is tough. I just invested in the 80G IPillage so its somewhat off my radar this year.

Is the IPhone really worth buying at its early stage? (The inferior camera not a bonus)

Sent by rockynotbullwinkle | 1:51 PM | 11-17-2007

A 52 year-old black lady in my office once said about ringtones, "I ain't payin' extra to make the damn phone ring!"

Frugal, older people make simplicity look so cool.

Sent by JJ Hellgate | 3:30 PM | 11-17-2007

I am a simple girl with a simple phone with a simple ringtone. However, I'm sure once I have a real job I may mature into a fancy phone such as the iphone.

Sent by SAB | 3:36 PM | 11-17-2007

i heard the iphone has a starbucks. is that true?

Sent by brittany | 4:41 PM | 11-17-2007

my phone is eternally on vibrate. what does that say about me?

Sent by Muna | 9:49 PM | 11-17-2007

My mother has "It's Raining Men" as her ringtone. Something about that makes me feel weird.

Sent by Sally | 5:58 PM | 11-18-2007

Once I tried to purchase a ringtone; "In Dreams" by Roy Orbison. I must have pressed the wrong buttons, because my phone still sounds like a phone, and now there's a naked lady on my background. Freudian finger-slip?

Sent by Harvey Biloba | 1:57 AM | 11-19-2007

I just got a cell phone about 2 years ago. At first I left it with the default ring. Then I found a really cheesy, old-style ringtone version of "Teenage Riot" by Sonic Youth that was just too awesome to pass up. Now I have Devo's "Uncontrollable Urge" on there.

Sent by Joel | 9:34 AM | 11-19-2007

Here are mine, although I'm a treo-hole.

Flaming Lips:
"The Wand"-known caller
"Race for the Prize"-voice mail

Buffalo Springfield:
Mr. Soul-unknown caller

Sent by bud | 10:12 AM | 11-19-2007

hearing someone's ringtone gives you an immediate idea of that person's personality. it could be totally wrong but you think you have them pegged, which is why it's kind of funny to have ironic songs as your tone.

it's the same with books. i am subconscoiusly judgemental when i see what people are reading on the train.

my favorite part of this blog: "A friend of mine uses the term iHole to refer to people who parade their Apple products around. I don't have anything to add to that sentence." haha!

Sent by trish | 10:28 AM | 11-19-2007

After a drawn out bad break-up with a landline and an inability to screen calls (seriously, three or four months of trying to dump a co-dependent), silence is the best 'ringtone' ever. I treat my phone like email; you send me a message, I decide to call you back.

If I'm expecting a call or feeling sociable I turn the ringer on (a simple 'telephone' sound), but outside of that it's silence. For whatever reason, I can never feel my phone vibrating...

My alarm clock ringtone is so obnoxious it should be illegal for public use.

Sent by ljc | 10:53 AM | 11-19-2007

My ringtone is the theme from the TV show "The Shield," even though I get strange looks from colleagues when it rings during meetings.

Sent by andy carvin, npr | 10:56 AM | 11-19-2007

It always takes me far too much time to decide on what I want to be my musical calling card. I have to decide on what's A-going to let people know I am not a musical imp, and I have some knowledge on what I would consider decent music; and b-what isn't going to become irritating within a small period of time.

The Door's 'Alabama Song' was not a wise choice; as I always forget to turn my ringer off, and hearing Jim singing "Show me the way to the next whiskey bar" at work seemed funny, but inappropriate.

I now alternate between Office's 'Oh My' (fun Chicago-based band) and the opening riffs to Heart's 'Barracuda.'

Sent by tara | 12:15 PM | 11-19-2007

The iPhone looks great, but it is a case of do I really need everything that is attached to it. Phone capabilities=no I hate talking on the phone (remember high school when I could never get off the phone...not its more of a please do not call me, text me please), mp3 capabilities=I don't even use my iPod, internet=I don't need my email that close at hand, now a quick browse on wikipedia might be good. I don't even know what else I would use it for, so that tells me it would be for cosmetics...well I don't want to look that flashy, and I do not want to worry about dropping something that cost me half of a plane ticket to China.
My ring tones vary, but then I noticed I usually have my phone on vibrate. Also when my ringtone is on (which is Evil by Interpol currently) I can barely hear it. I only notice its rining when I start singing Evil to myself for no reason, only to discover! It does make me sad when a group doesn't have ring tones available. I mean come on Arcade Fire please it is that hard to put Laika as a ring tone?

Funny thing about people putting cell phones in the air instead of a lighter, I love when people call me from a show and it is with their phone in the air and you can't even really hear the song, barely make out the voice of the singer. I always enjoyed those calls.

Sent by Luis | 12:46 PM | 11-19-2007

blondie: call me
obviously awesome.

Sent by esme | 1:01 PM | 11-19-2007

I'm with Jeef.... I'm thirty-one and have never owned a cell phone. I've been in a few semi-emergency situations when a phone would have been handy, but like our ancestors, I survived without one.
The only thing more obnoxious than ringtones are camera phones in the air at shows. I recently lost a great deal of respect for an acquaintance who shot a full song performance on his phone on and posted it on Facebook.
Now that I've got that grandpa rant off my chest, I think I'll go eat some root-marm and wind up the ol' Victrola

Sent by Mike | 2:23 PM | 11-19-2007

I have an e-helmet. And it will change the way you think and live forever. It takes your mp3's that you download, live off the internet, and transforms them into a single song. It doesn't do ring tones though.

Sent by Miki | 3:06 PM | 11-19-2007

mine is currently "walk the line". the problem is, people call me so infrequently that every time my phone rings, i think "hey, someone's playing johnny cash!" instead of thinking to answer my phone. i have missed calls this way.

Sent by moira | 3:48 PM | 11-19-2007

I've decided to put aside my own hatred and annoyance at my choice of ringtone purely for the sake of annoying others and reminding them that yes, the Macarena happened.
It always gets a great response.

Sent by Lo | 4:53 PM | 11-19-2007

I can understand why some people find ringtones annoying (nothing is worse than having "Come Sail Away" stuck in your head all day b/c someone on the subway was feeling nostalgic for their high school prom) but for me they just as often are a source of amusement. Watching a middle-aged man in his navy blue suit and maroon tie desperately search his bag for his phone as it blasted out the Knight Rider theme definitely made standing in the half hour security line at O'Hare the other day much more entertaining.

Sent by Karuna | 6:00 PM | 11-19-2007

Annoying ringtones make me smile. Not all of them, just mine. Back when phones didn't play real music, I had Sousa's Liberty Bell March and people always got angry and made comments like "What the hell is that circus music?" I would chuckle and think fondly of my favourite Monty Python sketches. More recently when I would be in a public area, I could let The Office theme play to the end and then answer with, "Dunder Mifflin. This is Pam." Good times.

I just got a new phone as well (a free obnoxious Raz[o]r). I had to abandon The Office. Now it's Joy Division's "Transmission" and I can dance and feel depressed every time someone calls. It's a nice change from chuckling to myself and then feeling depressed when I realize I watch too much television.

Sent by Kathy Ling | 2:02 AM | 11-20-2007

The closest thing I have to a ringtone is the shrill shriek of housemates telling me I have a phone call. Somehow, I think that's better than me sitting for five hours trying to program a cell phone ring. I'm bollocks with technology.

Sent by Zej | 7:34 AM | 11-20-2007

Can't go wrong with classic tunes. I like being able to make my own mp3s into ringtones, I guess from the comments not all phones let you do this? For unrecognized call, I just use the default for my phone. My wife's # rings Al Green's "Call Me." Friends get Marvin Gaye's "Inner City Blues", my boss gets The Beatles "Piggies," just the piano break.

Sent by daryl | 10:59 AM | 11-20-2007

I bought my ringtone from the David Lynch site. It's Lynch saying: "What the hell? Damn! WHAT the HELL?!" I normally despise paying for anything extra with my phone, but Lynch gets the money, he made this just for phones (not a clip taken from a movie), and it is exactly what goes through my head when anyone tries to call me. I have the volume turned up to 7 (that's the phone version of 11).

Sent by Jim Brucker | 3:32 PM | 11-21-2007

I tried out a bunch of ringtones on my Verizon and finally settled on the opening riff of "Won't Get Fooled Again'' by the Who. Not so imaginative, really, but you can that baby! And everybody who hears it goes, "Wow, cool ringtone call!'' The classics always work. I may go for Bach when I get tired of this one.

Sent by tarastew | 4:52 PM | 11-26-2007

My ringtone is, get this, a phone ringing.

Sent by skye | 12:08 PM | 11-28-2007