Please Stand By

Monitor Mix HQ was hit with a bout of the flu.
So, in lieu of a full post, check out a piece I did for NPR's Day to Day.
I'll be doing more contributions for them in the future and will try to let MM readers know about it before hand.



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Why, thank you.

I hope you recover soon. Try crushing some garlic with an abalone shell and soaking it in a jar of vinegar by your bed.

Here is some inanity:

And something to make you feel guilty along with it:,,2223780,00.html

Sent by Harvey Biloba | 11:48 PM | 12-12-2007

that was cool. thanks for the extra push to go see "i'm not there." yesterday i was thinking i might take myself to a matinee this weekend. think i'll go see it today.

here's something i do that you might be interested in

Sent by lea | 1:59 PM | 12-15-2007

Here is the winning strategy for flu season perfected by yours truly: Go to the clinic. Ask for a flu shot and tell them you faint when you get a shot. They will then lie you down, feed you a cookie, and poke you while you are distracted by how good the cookie is. Then, because you said you would faint, they'll insist you lie there for a bit. A free 15 minute nap!

Sent by sarcozona | 10:57 PM | 12-28-2007


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