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Holy Sh**, it' Super Tuesday!

And now, in honor of everything super, here is a list:

Super Annoying:
First. In Portland, drivers slow down at green lights in anticipation of them turning yellow. Unless I am missing something, there is only a single shade of green in a traffic light. It isn't a J.Crew catalog. Before turning yellow, green does not fade, or give off a warning message—"Hey I'm about to change, thanks for looking!!—it just goes away.

Second. People who wait until their groceries have been rung up to swipe their ATM card. Unless you are a first time user (in which case there should be a special line, or a seminar), everyone knows that you can begin the debit card process immediately after your first item is scanned. There is no need to treat a debit card like cash, wherein you wait for the total and then fumble with bills and try to make exact change. The whole point of using your debit card is to orchestrate the purchase so that your receipt is spit out at the very same time your last item goes in the bag. At least, that's what I always thought.

Super Promising:
That Mitchell and Webb Look on BBC America. The show premiers Friday in the States and I'm hoping the humor will be on par with other British and Irish comedy exports. The Office might be my favorite among the more recent shows, but my first love was Father Ted. If you haven't witnessed life on Craggy Island, you are missing out. Actor Dermot Morgan is sorely missed.

Super Tramp:
There are plenty of bands with "super" in the name: Superchunk, Super Furry Animals, Supersuckers, to name a few. But Supertramp came first. And if you listen to any classic rock station, you know that this band refuses to go away. Plus, their original band name was Daddy, which is so gross it's almost cool. No, not cool, just gross. Incidentally, I'm glad I came of age in a time when we no longer use the term "daddy" to refer to boyfriends. I love Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, but I cannot stand Christine McVie's "Oh Daddy". Yet put the word "sugar" or "mac" in front of "daddy" and it somehow seems less offensive.

Super Group: Why do these usually go wrong? Asia? Velvet Revolver? Power Station? Mike & The Mechanics? Zwan? It just goes to show that great music is not a mathematical equation. You can't put Hendrix, Bonham, and Joplin together and automatically get the greatest band to ever live. And even though I'd love to see Jack White play with Zach Hill from Hella, that combination might not be magic either. Chemistry cannot be understated. There are a few notable exceptions to the ill-fated super groups: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Temple of the Dog (my Northwest bias), and any group of musicians that Damon Albarn assembles, namely Gorillaz and The Good, The Bad, & The Queen.

As for Super Tuesday, here in Oregon, there is little to do but sit back and watch. But some of you must be in one of the 24 states voting today. So.....what are your thoughts and who did you vote for?



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The New Pornographers are a supergroup.

Sent by Janine | 5:10 PM | 2-5-2008

I've been pretty excited about Super Tuesday for awhile! I think it's funny that somehow Romney is the guy that the Republicans decided they can't stand!...I can't stand any of them! :)
It took much soul searching, but I went with Obama! He and Hilary are neck and neck as far as i'm concerned, but I could just see the GOP playing up the female issue with Hilary, which I think would kill her with the general population. I think they're more reluctant to mess with Obama's ethnicity, because people would freak out if there was anything said that was blatantly racist....but then again it looks like he's running against McCain, so who knows :)

Sent by Alex R | 5:17 PM | 2-5-2008

voted for Obama.

y'know...I listened to Rumours for the first time in years and thought the same thing about "Daddy". What's up with that? Creepy trying to disguise itself as sexy...

At least that Chili Peppers song "Mommy, Where's Daddy?" was supposed to be creepy. I think.

Anyway, once you have daughters you find creepiness in plenty of stuff out there, trust me.

Sent by Rick | 5:21 PM | 2-5-2008


Sent by AguaLinda | 5:25 PM | 2-5-2008

After a whole day of a soul crushing meeting, I went to my polling station, signed my name, got the little "democrat" card, handed it to the very nice elderly lady, and without hesitation pulled the lever for Barack Obama.

While I spent 4 years and a lot of money on studying poli sci in college, sadly, but decision is not based on some deep thought policy analysis, but rather, on the simple fact that Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Clinton is too anti-democratic and a slap in the face of what it means to be a democracy.

Sent by Brandon S | 5:27 PM | 2-5-2008

I've heard of Broken Social Scene referred to as a Toronto supergroup, and they benefit muchly from their musical charisma. And then, of course, Damn Yankees, subject of my favorite Patton Oswalt bit.

I'm in California, voted for Obama. I can't get enough of this guy; he differs from all other candidates currently running based on his intelligence, charisma, willingness to see complex issues as complex, grasp of technology, and commitment to open government. Plus, y'know, those ears are dreamy. I wish his campaign song was The Bees' "Listening Man".

Sent by Jason | 5:41 PM | 2-5-2008

I'm hot for Hillary.

Sent by brandiddle | 5:41 PM | 2-5-2008

I always thought Golden Smog was a pretty good supergroup. Then again, given the members' bands' profiles, it's more of an excellent decentgroup.

And in my defense, none of the swipers I've ever used have activated when I've swiped after the first item has been scanned. I always have to swipe again, at which point I've already put my card away. So I think of it as a time saver to wait until the end with my card ready. Then again, I grocery shop on Sundays at 7am, and in the past three weeks I've been the only customer there.

Sent by ljc | 5:51 PM | 2-5-2008

Obama, because Edwards dropped out of the race.

I was so excited about it that I almost voted for for Chris Dodd (the name above Barack's) by mistake.

I feel very hopeful for America today. I think we deserve after the last 8 years.....

Sent by bud | 5:52 PM | 2-5-2008

I hate to disappoint you but That Mitchell and Webb Look is actually pretty rubbish.

However, if you can and haven't already, you should check out Peep Show which is sitcom type show they did. It's quite fantastic.

Sent by John | 6:02 PM | 2-5-2008

I voted for Hillary. I am not afraid of the Republican response and I know she is not either. Besides how can one of my all time heros Dr. Maya Angelou be wrong? Plus being Hispanic, I love that she made personal appearances to us and the Native Americans in California and not just pay lip service.

I know that many people have issues about the current war, and I think she will try to get us out of Iraq regardless of her previous vote to use force. Afterall, even Lincoln didn't get it right the first time. As for the JFK thing, it wasn't until Nixon was elected that we got out of Vietnam and I would NOT say that Nixon was a person of gool moral character.

On a personal note, it wasn't until I was actually in the booth and realized that a woman was actually on the ballot to be a presidential cadidate that the impact of how historic this moment really is hit me. I really hope, no matter what that outcome, that this is not a one time event.

Sent by melissa | 6:03 PM | 2-5-2008

even more annoying are people that pass on the right. it's rude and dangerous.

on a level much smaller than slash et al, big business is a super group. and on a local level, beaten awake (audio eagle/fat possum) is pretty great with all the guys coming from some amazing cleveland/kent bands.

i'm in ohio so we have 30 more days. looks to be a dead heat for the dems so it should be interesting. i can't wait for the commercials.

Sent by Jason M. | 6:10 PM | 2-5-2008

Fun story: I read this and my first thought was "Hey, Damon Albarn has made some great supergroups!". Way to have that covered.

Sent by Ben | 6:12 PM | 2-5-2008

you forgot super poland!

Sent by Lauren | 6:13 PM | 2-5-2008

I voted for Obama. The polling places in New Haven are generally inconveniently placed. (Well, unless, I guess, you live near them. I'm hungry and not making sense.)

I have Super Shoes! They are yellow with orange laces (the laces came with them.) My love affair with Camper continues.

Sent by Michael | 6:56 PM | 2-5-2008

Derek and The Dominos were a great supergroup. And you can't forget GTR, with their immortal smash When The Heart Rules The Mind. I unironically love that song, the same way I do vintage REO Speedwagon.

I'm from New Jersey and I was proud to vote for Hillary today. After 8 years of Bush, competence is exciting to me, even sexy.

Sent by Rick | 7:32 PM | 2-5-2008

I voted for the first time today!
for Obama.

Sent by Dan G | 7:34 PM | 2-5-2008

Obama here up north.

Don't forget The Traveling Wilburys. :o)

I love The Traveling Wilburys! -CB

Sent by mikey | 7:37 PM | 2-5-2008

Re: slowing down for green. I was riding with a coworker who was doing that awhile ago. I didn't mention anything, but I studied her and realized she was looking at the crosswalk sign, and was slowing down when that light started flashing. She was using the signals for pedestrians as a signal for herself! Yeesh.

Re: supergroups. What about Blind Faith? The Traveling Wilburys?

Sent by Piggy | 7:42 PM | 2-5-2008

That is annoying about the green lights. I will say, however, that I once made a 17-point turn in Portland in rental car in front of a huge line of traffic and not one person honked at me. I am forever indebted to their kindness, as I would have been killed for the same in San Francisco.

I'm loving Hillary too.

The Raconteurs?

Sent by Rachel | 8:06 PM | 2-5-2008

Debit cards are an attempt to consolidate my clinky juggling act.
Besides, I would likely face public ridicule for any preemptive swiping action. {{I have an image to uphold here, okay?]]

& holy sh** I forgot to pick up my absentee ballot. Thanks for prod.

Sent by Zia | 8:18 PM | 2-5-2008

Mad Season were a pretty good supergroup.

Sent by David | 8:21 PM | 2-5-2008

I voted for Obama here in New Jersey. I was back and forth between Obama/Clinton for a while. A few things helped me make up my mind. I was influenced by George Packer's article in last week's New Yorker speculating about how each administration might differ. While their policy differences are slight, and on some of the fine points I actually agree more with Hillary, it came down to a question of overall style and tone. Obama is like nothing this country has seen, at least in my lifetime (I'll be 40 this year). Second, since it seems likely that McCain will get the Republican nomination, I think the Republican machine will have a field day with all the Clinton baggage. It is not going to be a pretty election season. I may be wrong, but in this case, I believe Obama's cleaner slate/lack of experience in Washington becomes an advantage.

Is there anybody reading this blog who voted Republican? Is that a rhetorical question?

Sent by Pamela Goldsteen | 8:31 PM | 2-5-2008

the most comfortable article of clothing i own is a battered supertramp t-shirt (1983 tour, sponsored by sparkomatic).

i voted for senator obama. i also spent the day planting yards signs in high traffic areas and driving democratic voters to their polling places. dem turnout is actually beating gop turnout in a county that usually votes republican by a 2-to-1 margin, so i'm excited.

Sent by scott | 8:35 PM | 2-5-2008

I recently took a trip to Portland (I live in San Diego) and while driving around I did notice that the drivers were very polite. Slow, but polite. Driving in SoCal may lead to myocardial infarction.

I voted for Hillary this morning. She has been quite involved in the GLBT community, and this is something that weighs heavily on my mind.

On a less political note, I do enjoy the Traveling Wilburys on mellow Sunday mornings. They are super!

OH! Also Super Annoying: when you are trying to parallel park and another car comes up right behind you and then honks (angrily) at you! WTF? Do they not see: Your blinker, your reverse lights, the fact that you are going backwards?

Sent by Miss Peace | 9:27 PM | 2-5-2008

I vote for more of your rants against slow drivers and cardswipers.
They're super funny.

Sent by boo | 9:58 PM | 2-5-2008

first, it is super-DUPER-tuesday. please take care with those prefixes. it used to be super tuesday back when there were only 10 or so states.

second, i can't help feeling that both hilary and obama are pretty close to awful. hilary is way too conservative and in the pocket of big business. obama, you have to admit, is mostly a cypher, and that always scares me. i really wish we could have run somebody farther left--even just like Joe Biden or Chris Dodd, both of whom are more reliable Democrats. But for abortion (no small deal I admit) & some minor policy differences about the war (but not enough for either of them to be against it) I don't see a huge difference between McCain and Hilary.

passing on the right is awful everywhere. god it sucks. how can people not realize that that's what causes others to drive in the middle? It bugs me more than anything when there are clear lanes on both the left and right.

Supergroups: Blind Faith (LOL, almost entirely). Electronic (arguably, The Smiths + New Order, & fairly consistent over three entire albums--maybe the best and least pompous exemplar). Primal Scream had members of Jesus & Mary Chain, Andrew Weatherall, & guest-starring Kevin Shields sometimes (good). Didn't a certain Portland band feature members of Excuse 17, Heavens to Betsy and the Jicks? that is pretty super (-duper!) in my book...

Have you ever heard the David Crosby album (If I Only Could Remember My Name) with Neil Young, Nash, Garcia, Lesh, Kantner, etc.? it's pretty nice. and super!

Sent by David G. | 10:05 PM | 2-5-2008

Had to go with Obama here in Atlanta. But both the campaigns are starting to sound like a broken record, so we'll see. I do like that the Dem. race is so close though...

Sent by Meagan | 10:58 PM | 2-5-2008

Do you mind if I vote for you for president? The primaries are turning out terribly.

Sent by Nick L. | 11:29 PM | 2-5-2008

I actually really like Mitchell & Webb, though it's pretty different from, say, Father Ted. Do you get Peep Show in the US, anyone? Just curious.

Sent by Lauren | 6:20 AM | 2-6-2008

I was at the Democrats Abroad poll in Berlin, Germany for 'Zoopa Tuesday'. It was a blast. The event took place at an old German pub/restaurant. There's nothing like dropping a ballot in the box with a big mug of beer in the other hand. Most people here have Obama fever and so do I.

Sent by Dan | 6:51 AM | 2-6-2008

My primary (Maryland) is not until next Tuesday, but I've got a funny--by which i mean "funny"--story about yesterday's voting, related to me by one of my former students who was serving as an election judge in Chicago.

Apparently, some voters (who in Chicago have the option of voting via touchscreen or paper balloting) who chose to use paper ballots were accidentally issued "pens" that turned out to be the styluses (styli?) for touchscreen voting. When voters complained, one election judge (who had served multiple times and, according to my student, had had "extensive" training) repeatedly told those voters--sans guile--that the ink was invisible and that they should just continue marking their ballots.

Is this story funny? Um, yes. Tragic? That too. I don't know if it's more terrifying that voters believed computer styluses to be actual pens, or that that particular election judge believed the ink to be invisible.

Having experienced multiple Chicago elections prior to a recent Baltimore move, I can sadly share that such stories of election judge incompetence are in no way rare, though this is certainly a trend that extends beyond the Second City and the Land of Lincoln.

Anyone else have some funny and/or tragic polling place stories to share? Hit me.

Sent by Hill | 8:54 AM | 2-6-2008

Forget about Mitchell and Webb, the outstanding British comedy/drama of recent years is "Shameless". Season One starred a pre-Atonement hype James McAvoy and I swear to god(dess) every episode will enthrall you , shock you, and make you snort explosively with laughter.

Sent by Julia | 9:31 AM | 2-6-2008

Illinois, Obama.

Sent by trish | 9:52 AM | 2-6-2008

2nd to Derek & Dominos, Blind Faith & the Wilburs, but...

Ummm...I actually liked the Power Station...

Sent by Darren | 11:22 AM | 2-6-2008

swiping before all groceries are rung up? honestly, i didn't know you could. i've never seen anyone do it. cashiers seem to expect you to wait.

i voted for obama. hillary is a manipulative, mudslinging beast. yes, it's great to see a woman on the ballot, but it really makes me nervous when other women use that as their primary voting impetus.

Sent by anne | 11:49 AM | 2-6-2008

I thought I was the only one who got mad at the people who slow down at green lights!!! I am a calm person most of the time, but nothing gives me a case of road rage like the stupid green light slower-downers!!! I have lived all up and down the west coast, and I don't think any other place does that the way that Portland does. Not only does the light NOT turn shades of green, as you said, IT DOESN'T STAY GREEN FOREVER!!! People in front of me who slow down inevitably make me have to stop when the light actually DOES turn colors!

Wow, I was really mad about that. I like your blog, especialy when it refrences silly Portlanders and Olympians. Two placed I've lived and loved!

Sent by Hannah | 12:22 PM | 2-6-2008

How about those new self-checkout things? There needs to be a seminar for them too. Maybe it's because I worked at a grocery store in high school, but honestly, I want to strangle people when I see them take 10 minutes to ring up 5 items. Oh, and people who take a cartload?!?!? arrggg.

Sent by Ray | 12:41 PM | 2-6-2008

In Washington state, we were not a part of Super Tuesday, of course. But I got my ballot last week (we do all by mail now, regrettably, because I really liked an excuse to linger in the Elk Lodge) and already sent it in.

I realize I threw my vote away by voting for Kucinich, but I really want to live in his world. It would be a much nicer place. And, as one of the gays, any candidate currently out there is a candidate I have to "settle" for right out of the gate. I understand the great "change" Obama touts and I like him better than Hillary (I'm never one for an establishment candidate if I can help it). Almost anybody can grab onto their issue of choice and find a candidate who supports their side. Wanting just my basic civil rights, there's no one on the ballot for me. Which is why I've put in my papers for Canada... (where, by the way, the green sometimes flashes to let you know it's considering a change).

Sent by Elizabeth | 12:57 PM | 2-6-2008

Slowing down at green lights in Portland is annoying. I think this trend is increasing because of the new stoplight cameras. We got a picture in the mail of our car going through the light at 6 a.m. in the Hollywood district plus a fine for $220! These cameras snap you if you're going through a yellow light that turns red while you're going through.

It looks like this year Oregon may actually have a say in choosing the candidate. Why are we almost last in the whole country? I don't get it.

Sent by Jennie | 1:15 PM | 2-6-2008

Are Wu Tang a super group, or are they exempt from SG status because they only became solo stars after their group success (and their solo albums aren't that good)?

On the subject of passing on the right, I live in Canada, and here it's considered bad form to BE passed on the right. Basically the idea is that if you're in the left (passing) lane and not actually passing anyone, you're obstructing traffic and you're at fault.
As such, I have a much bigger problem with people who cause me to pass them on the right.
(Although I will admit that passing on the right when the left lane is open is supremely a-holesque behaviour)

Sent by Mike | 1:21 PM | 2-6-2008

That column was hilarious. You made me do a spit-take. Well, not really. But, If I had something in my mouth, I would have.

Sent by Gina V. | 1:39 PM | 2-6-2008

HINDU LOVE GODS!! Who can deny that the magic created one drunken night when Warren Zevon replaces Stipe in REM isn't the greatest supergroup of all time? No one can deny that.


Sent by Tim | 1:43 PM | 2-6-2008

My roomates and I made lots of vegan tacos last night. It was Super Fat Taco Tuesday in my house!

and from here on out I will swipe as I am being rung up. I never knew that was an option...

Sent by esme | 1:43 PM | 2-6-2008

Now I'm laughing again because one of the tags is "Daddy."

Sent by Gina V. | 2:08 PM | 2-6-2008


Sent by EP | 2:08 PM | 2-6-2008

I think the slowing down at green light phemomena started when big brother cameras were installed at intersections. Definitely made me feel more cautious & paranoid while driving.

Supergroups- Partridge Family, Jackson 5 & Brady Bunch

Pet Peeves- too many people writing their opinions on Amazon & Itunes for record reviews. Is anyone going to read review # 147?

Sent by DK | 2:08 PM | 2-6-2008

There is a Purina factory in Denver. We call that Temple Of The Dog.

Sent by Jason | 2:42 PM | 2-6-2008

i too didn't decide who i was voting for until the last second. then i listened to my gut and voted for obama. there was no other choice. if he doesn't end up with the nomination then i will support clinton, i really hope he gets it though. sen. obama is exactly what this country needs if things are really going to change. of course this is only my opinion...

Sent by leeann | 2:45 PM | 2-6-2008

Ugh, "Oh Daddy" makes me cringe.

Sent by JJ Hellgate | 3:16 PM | 2-6-2008

Oh, you're a mean old daddy, but I like you.

A perfect example! From the song "Carey". -CB

Sent by Joni Mitchell | 3:47 PM | 2-6-2008

I am 26. There has been a Bush or Clinton in the White House my entire life, so I voted for Obama.

Sent by Heather | 4:06 PM | 2-6-2008

The swipe your card early policy does not apply to all stores in the Portland area. The WINCO near my apartment has machines that do not accept your card until the order has been totaled. If you try to swipe it earlier, the exhausted clerks yell at you! Now THAT is super annoying.

Sent by Max | 5:06 PM | 2-6-2008

Hindu Love Gods!
I can picture the cassette!

I'm a crosscut saw...

What about that Backbeat movie soundtrack...with Dulli, Grohl...uh...Thurston Mills (I'm trying to do this without looking it up on the internets). Those were some decent takes on early Beatles.

Sent by Rick | 5:10 PM | 2-6-2008

Swipe your debit card before all your items are rung up? That's utter madness! If you tried that in Canada the cashier would likely smack you across the face with whatever she was about to swipe (hopefully a load of bread and not a can of beans).

Sent by DuMaurier | 6:02 PM | 2-6-2008

do people know that they don't have to limit their choices solely to the candidates/parties with the largest coffers? don't people see beyond the current illusion of obligatory bipartisanship? and if so, why do we continue to perpetuate this system of bipartite partiality?

Sent by a nobody | 6:39 PM | 2-6-2008

argh, i didn't know you could swipe your card ahead of time either! except at trader joe's, cause their machines specifically say to swipe it now. (thought that kinda meant it was special.) sorry, everyone!

ps. obama

Sent by Simone | 7:01 PM | 2-6-2008

Peep Show is hilarious. Also Claterford, and Black Books. I like BBC America Friday nights.

Sent by Jess | 7:41 PM | 2-6-2008

First: If you are 26 RIGHT NOW, that means you were born when REAGAN was in Office. Just so you know.
SECOND: I understand the whole intersection camera thing in Portland (believe me, I stop at yellow lights, which must also be annoying), but it doesn't go from green to red in the blink of an eye. People need to drive as normal as possible through intersections, so that we can all get to where we want to go.
THIRD: Winco sucks, and it does throw me off as being the only place you can't swipe ahead of time. So sad.
LAST: I like the Traveling Wilburys.

Sent by Hannah | 7:56 PM | 2-6-2008

What about women who call both their boyfriends and their fathers "My old man." YIKES.

Sent by Gina V. | 8:08 PM | 2-6-2008

I am 26 RIGHT NOW. I am aware REAGAN was president the first 8 years of my life. BUSH was his vice president. Perhaps I shouldn't have said "in the white house".

Sent by Heather | 8:34 PM | 2-6-2008

it would have been dennis kucinich, but since he dropped out i figured obama is slightly more progressive than ol' hillary. so, i voted obama. fuck a bunch of clintons.

Sent by megan m. | 8:41 PM | 2-6-2008

Being an employee at a Whole Foods here in Boston, I get this annoyance ALL THE TIME. But what's even MORE annoying is that people, young and old, still hand me their cards thinking I'm supposed to swipe it through on the keyboard somewhere. I can't think of ANYWHERE that still does that! I don't even say anything anymore; I just point to the MSR machine. I mean, unless they are really old.

Oh and Hillary.

Sent by Rhianna | 9:04 PM | 2-6-2008

perhaps some people are waiting to see the full total of their groceries before they swipe their cards. maybe they want to make sure they have enough to cover it. maybe they want to figure out if they will get cash back.

i've only done a pre-swipe once, at target. i was disappointed because it gave me no chance to say "hey, wait, i don't want that cute/fun/kitchy item that rang up for more than i should really be spending. can you take it off the total?"

oh modern life.

Sent by ds | 9:21 PM | 2-6-2008

super group: a few moments on the Festival Express Train were pretty great, but i'm not sure i would call that least not the chemistry of which you are referring.

super annoying: had no idea you could start the debit card process early but thanks for making me feel like an assclown. :)

i voted for pj harvey.

Sent by d | 10:03 PM | 2-6-2008

I don't appreciate that kind of language, Carrie.

Sent by Jaime | 10:15 PM | 2-6-2008

one of the most memorable shows i've ever seen was by the supergroup "the undertow orchestra," made up of david bazan, mark eitzel, will johnson, and vic chesnutt. it was a really beautiful show.

Sent by lea | 12:18 AM | 2-7-2008

Ahh, thank you for the Regan/ Bush clarification. I thought maybe you just didn't remember, the way I have no Pre-Regan memory, because I was one-and-a half when he was elected. Cheers!

Sent by Hannah | 1:23 AM | 2-7-2008

I'm in California and I Barack'd the Vote. Har har.

As for supergroups, I love the Desert Sessions Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age puts together. Last time around he had PJ Harvey and Dean Ween. Rumor has it Jack White is going to be on the new one.

I think more bands should get together to release more songs. As good or bad the output may be, it will at least answer that "What if?" question.

Sent by Ivan | 1:27 AM | 2-7-2008

I was a pollworker... it was very hard work. 16-hour day with 4 very old people. I had the flu too... democracy ain't pretty. Check my blog tomorrow for a gory ethnographic write-up yo.

I'm going to keep my vote secret, thanks.

Sent by joe | 1:49 AM | 2-7-2008

I voted for Barack Obama. I didn't decide until last Friday who I was going to vote for. It was decided by one of the most ignorant comments I have ever heard come out of my mother's mouth. We were talking about and the eclection and she says, " I heard Obama went to a Muslim school as a child. I can't vote for him because they (muslims) don't value life." Makes me realize there were still seperate bathrooms, sections of busses etc., when she was growing up.
P.S. If was a Republican I would have voted for Ron Paul.

Sent by Ken | 5:42 AM | 2-7-2008

WHAT!! its SUPER EMBARRASSING that i'm 33 and never knew you could swipe once the 1st item is rung up!
-One super mythical rock moment: Rolling stones circus: KEITH-LENNON-CLAPTON AND YOKO on stage !!! If only Keith Moon had been at the drums (phew!)
-Over here in Tenerife, i have been rooting for Obama, and it is invigorating to see that our two democratic candidates come from politically marginalized groups but-I REFUSE to get over Hillary supporting the Neocon's invasion of Iraq.
You know, awhile back you responded that it made you excited and nervous that McCain is gaining momentum, and you know, for a republican candidate McCain isn't thaaat bad, he sounds great compared to Romney, and as Romney and people like Rush Limbaugh dont like McCain, well that says a lot. But still McCain insists that we stay until we "win" in Iraq, i think that idea is superdelusional . . .

Sent by odrigo | 9:52 AM | 2-7-2008

That is funny about the lights. Most people complain about the opposite -- in the midwest (and when I lived on the east coast), the problem is when your light changes to green, but you can't go because there are four or five people who are still driving through the intersection after their light has changed to red.

I'd definitely trade a little slowdown on green for that. And my one week of driving in and around Portland, I was very impressed with the politeness and relative lack of stupid driving stunts compared to most other cities. The light rail lines on the streets kind of freaked me out though.

Sent by Joel | 12:48 PM | 2-7-2008

I voted for Hillary.

There is so much negative energy thrown her way, it almost seems pathological. Both from the left and the right. Republicans, by and large, HATE her.

Can someone please help me understand why, whenever there is a strong woman either running for elected office, or holding a CEO type position, they are quickly demonized as either cold, manipulative or calculating to a fault, etc. But when it's a man, they ere hailed as bold, goal oriented leaders with a no-nonsense approach to business?

The double standard is as strong as ever.

I hope that our culture evolves a bit more before my 3 year old daughter comes of age in this country.

Sent by Chad Bly | 3:47 PM | 2-7-2008

Best super group? When the Metal "Community" led by Ronnie James Dio got together to form Hear n' Aid and recorded "We're Stars".

Sent by John | 3:56 PM | 2-7-2008

I'm guilty of the debit card thing. I apologize to you Carrie if I've ever made you wait (though I've never been anywhere near the Pacific NW). You've opened my eyes and now I plan to live my (shopping) life differently.

Obama in Illinois. If only I lived in California so I could skew that Hispanics voting for Hilary statistic.

Sent by Clemente | 5:35 PM | 2-7-2008

Maybe Debit/credit is different in Portland, but in the North East you have to wait until the end of the transaction to pay, no matter what your form of payment is.

Being very close to the same age as you I am very certain the whole "daddy" thing has not gone the way of the dinosaurs. At least not in San Antonio Texas, where my gf is from. Maybe this is a culture thing but, when we visit I notice that her whole familia calls all the boys papi or daddy, even the babies.

And my last comment. I voted for Hilary. Besides always liking her for her strength and intelligence I also feel she has a lot more experience then Obama. I also think she is more capable of making the really hard decisions we all know presidents have to make. I do think that Obama is a great speaker. I just wish his record was a reflection of what he stands for.

Sent by Jaryn | 8:43 AM | 2-8-2008

Yes Chad, I agree that there is a definite bias against women running for office. My objection to Hillary has more to do with her campaign funders and her policy parallels with her husband (talk Keynes, act Smith).

She is also a major lightning rod and could be a liability in the general. Part of the hatred for her from the right is probably due people being threatened by her sex, but ultimately I need to put my vote towards the candidate who can compete with McCain. And Obama seems like the best bet there.

Sent by Joel | 9:37 AM | 2-8-2008

I showed the love for Hillary here in Illinois, although I knew Obama would win his home state. He'd be great too, but my gut says Hillary.

I totally agree with the debit card thing. I have a second job as a cashier at an evil giant retailer and I also hate when people write out their checks even though we run them electronically and give them right back to them.

Sent by Cindy | 11:28 AM | 2-8-2008

You have to wait for the end of the transaction to swipe debit/credit in Indiana, too. Portland credit card machines sound futuristic!

Sent by stephanie | 3:06 PM | 2-8-2008

Super Group: Why do these usually go wrong? Asia?

If Asia is wrong...I don't want to be right.

Sent by Matt | 4:00 PM | 2-8-2008

I wouldn't vote for Obama if my life depended on it. I have heard from several people that he was schooled in Iraq, that scares me! I'm not against a woman being president but I don't think that Hillary Clinton should be it. I will be the first to admit that I swipe my card late, whoops, sometimes okay most of the time I just zone out at the register. Off subject, but I have a question, has anyone ever heard of the site a few of my friends have been talking about it and just so I didn't look completely stupid I was like, yeah I totally love that site. Anyone got any specs or opinions on it?

Sent by Olivia Lafure | 4:22 PM | 2-8-2008

Arizona! And I went with Obama!

Clinton took AZ though.

Sent by Leanne | 5:17 PM | 2-8-2008

I know this is completely off topic, Carrie, but you have just GOT to comment on "Rock Around Barack" by Pearl Jam. . .please?

Sent by Mick (not "Mick") | 5:19 PM | 2-8-2008

I too am in Oregon and, having not voted, I must relegate my comments to bad driving.

Part of your frustration, Carrie might be at the Oregon law which considers running a yellow light, illegal.

Lame? Yes. Safe? YES! I am shocked every time I go to Washington and see drivers brazenly running red lights.

I think I'll vote for which ever Dem shows us some love in the coming weeks...

Sent by Lyla | 6:22 PM | 2-8-2008

Not that Florida's votes even count (or I could vote since I'm 17), I would have voted Obama. If Clinton were to win the election overall, I would graduate from college only having known a President Bush or Clinton. Unsettling much? In a dream world... it would have been Kucinich.

And I agree with you on the debit card thing. I'm bias because I am a cashier, but half the people who shop at our store (Publix) are idiots. They're always asking if they can, in fact, swipe their card since we've bagged all their groceries, or they hand me their credit card with a complete blank stare as if I can do something with it. The saddest part? These people come in every week at the same time, and they cannot remember.

The only thing worse is checks, because they have to write them out (which takes forever), then they do the math to get cash back, run the check through, enter their drivers license number, and then validate the check but running it through yet again. It's most annoying when people do it on express for 4 items. And everyone behind them wants to kill me... because it's my fault people are stupid?

But cheers on a seminar for debit users! I would volunteer to run it.

Sent by Meaghan | 1:18 PM | 2-9-2008

I voted Obama, but seriously, they're all way too conservative, including the Democrats. The fact that the best candidate doesn't support gay marriage is absurd (only 'civil unions').

Sent by jenn prince | 7:41 PM | 2-10-2008

Super furry animals are gonna be in portland tomorrow. You should see them. I'd be there but I'll see them in Seattle the next day. They are pretty much the best band in the world.

Sent by Dan | 12:46 AM | 2-11-2008

"Unless you are a first time user (in which case there should be a special line, or a seminar), everyone knows that you can begin the debit card process immediately after your first item is scanned."

Lol! Saucer of catmilk?

Voted for Obama. I don't like Obama, as much as I can't stand Hillary. I don't dislike Hillary because she is a woman in power. I dislike her because she is not the independent woman she claims to be. She has gotten where she is solely due to her relationship with her husband.
Sadly, I think the superdelegates will hand the nomination to her, voters will crawl through broken glass to vote against her, and the morning after, America will be in the proverbial doghouse.

Sent by Mike | 8:33 PM | 2-11-2008

Thank you for calling out "Oh Daddy". That song has long besmirched that record with its creepiness. Can't they just replace it with "Silver Springs" already?

Sent by Lucas Jensen | 3:50 PM | 2-12-2008

I was completely with you on the debit card issue... until recently. In grocery stores and pharmacies in Boston, one can swipe their debit card early--but not too early. You have to hit the middle of the scanning process, otherwise the card reader will revert to its original state. People who wait until the cashier finishes scanning anger me, but standing around waiting only to discover the machine "forgot" that I already scanned and entered my PIN angers me much more. No happiness in debit land?

Sent by Megan Stembridge | 1:24 PM | 2-14-2008

who did you decide to vote for? hope this is a fair question to ask, or are you attempting an unbiased perspective? what'd you think of fred on SNL the other night?

i voted for hillary--barack's Just Words mix up was predictable from the moment i heard him talking about "Paris Hilton tax cuts" ages ago. coining phrases to siphon out hope for change exhibited by legitimately desperate americans as a campaign tool? really depressing. i will ultimately vote dem for the win; but with barack i feel as though hoping to win health insurance for my parents might be the equivalent of what the idea of winning lottery has been to(the rest of) the poor.
of course, my vote out of florida went unrepresented in the delegate count (we were being punished, as was michigan. gotta love democracy).

hope people come to their senses when it comes to intellectual pretension.
oh, baby. it would mean so much to me.

Sent by sam | 5:22 AM | 2-25-2008

Wow. Your bit about Supertramp and calling boyfriends "daddy" is so spot on and hilarious. Seriously! Thank god you have a blog. I might enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed your tenure in SK.

Also, I'd like to just say "hellz yeah" in reference to Temple of the Dog being a kick ass super group. Holler at Seattle.

Sent by Susan | 12:27 PM | 2-25-2008

The Good, the Bad and the Queen? Well, one out of three would get Albarn a major league baseball contract. By my count, there's no queen in the band, and find little that's good in the record (or the NPR "All Songs" concert).

Sent by Tim F. | 7:14 PM | 2-25-2008

I've never seen a store checkout thing that allowed you to swipe your card before you ring everything up. The supermarket I go to makes you press "Finish and Pay" on the touchscreen then select payment method first.

I do get annoyed at people that slow down for no apparent reason, especially when turning. I mean they almost come to a stop to make a turn. You think it's bad in Portland, try Boston. I'm just glad my commute is only 10-15 minutes.

I don't think anyone mentioned Supergrass. Remember that song "Alright"?

I also have to agree Temple of the Dog was a great supergroup. Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell on vocals. Yes please.
"I'm goin' Hungraaaaaaaaaaaay"-vedder
Cornell---------"Goin' Hungraaay-HAAAY!"

Brings me back to '91. Wish I could stay there.

Sent by Dave A. | 1:01 AM | 3-24-2008