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Consider The Hickey

Our friends over at Day to Day did a great story on hickeys. You know, those badges of honor you wore on and off up until your mid-twenties? After age twenty-five or so, a hickey is more likely to look like a health scare than a remnant from a night of passion.

My first sight of a hickey was in jr. high. A guy came into English class and showed us all how his girlfriend had made a smiley face out of hickeys on his stomach. I can't imagine what that girl is doing now but I hope it involves her own vacuum business.

Anyhow, it's still Valentine's Day, so if you haven't gone out and purchased anything, or had time to make a mix CD, consider the hickey. Why settle for flowers when you can give, or get, a neck bouquet?

Here is the story from Day to Day. Enjoy.