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As I've likely mentioned at least once on this blog, The Replacements are one my favorite bands. Not just at this moment, or when I first discovered them in high school, but a band I return to over and over again, year after year. They are one of the only bands whose albums I know back to front, front to back. At some point (before the age of iPods), I bought nearly of all their CDs— even though I already owned the vinyl—so that I could put them into a 5-disc changer, hit "shuffle", and listen for hours on end.

Though there are countless reasons why I love this band, my perennial enthusiasm has something to do with Paul Westerberg's lyrics—his songs have an adult acuity sung in an adolescent idiom.

Listen to a live version of Paul Westerberg playing the 'Mats song "Left of the Dial."


From L to R: Bob Stinson, Tommy Stinson, Chris Mars, Paul Westerberg

So, here then is a list of my top eleven Replacements' lyrics. Eleven; random, I know. I found it difficult to narrow it down, and these aren't even necessarily my favorite songs. This list is for no particular reason, maybe just because it's Friday. If you want to add your own favorite Replacements' lyrics, please do.

If bein' wrong's a crime, I'm serving forever
If bein' strong's your kind, then I need help here with this feather
If bein' afraid is a crime, we hang side by side
At the swingin' party down the line
-Swingin' Party

I could live without so much
I can die without a clue
Sun keeps risin' in the west
I keep on wakin' fully confused
-Within Your Reach

Jesus rides beside me
He never buys any smokes
Hurry up, hurry up, ain't you had enough of this stuff
Ashtray floors, dirty clothes, and filthy jokes
-Can't Hardly Wait

Here come Dick, he's wearing a skirt
Here comes Jane, y'know she's sporting a chain
Same hair, revolution
Same build, evolution
Tomorrow who's gonna fuss
And they love each other so

The ones who love us best are the ones we'll lay to rest
And visit their graves on holidays at best
The ones who love us least are the ones we'll die to please
If it's any consolation, I don't begin to understand them
-Bastards of Young

Seen your video, the phony rock 'n' roll
We don't want to know, seen your video
-Seen Your Video

I never travel far, without a little Big Star
-Alex Chilton

And the sign says, "Thank you very much for not smoking"
My own sign says, "I'm sorry, I'm smokin'"
Don't treat me special, don't kiss my ass
Treat me like the way they treat 'em up in first class
-Waitress in the Sky

I'm not ready as I'll ever be
I climb the walls, I fall into the sea
I'm not ready as I'll ever be
And I suppose your guess is more or less as bad as mine
All over but the shouting, just a waste of time

How young are you?
How old am I?
Let's count the rings around my eyes
How smart are you?
How dumb am I?
-I Will Dare

C'mon, let's make a scene
Oh, baby, don't be so mean
They're all watchin' us
Kiss me on the bus
If you knew how I felt now
You wouldn't act so adult now
Hurry, hurry, here comes my stop
-Kiss Me On The Bus



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androgynous is def. in my top 10 of all time. high five.

Sent by Lauren | 8:54 AM | 3-28-2008

I can't add any lyrics, you've seemed to hit the nail on the head. One of my all time favorite lyrics is:

I never travel far, without a little Big Star
-Alex Chilton

Besides being a great song (and the fact that I can somehow weave this lyric into everyday conversation) it also introduced me to Big Star. Yay.

As an aside the first cd I ever bought was Paul Westerberg's 14 Songs. It's actually the reason I bought a cd player, just so I could hear Paul Westerberg in all his digital glory.

Sent by East Coast Terry | 9:23 AM | 3-28-2008

Oh, I haven't thought of "Kiss Me On the Bus" in the longest time! Thanks for reminding me of what a great song that is, and how great the Replacements in general are; I'm definitely with you on this one.

Sent by Jason Pettus | 9:39 AM | 3-28-2008

Carrie, you definitely cited some high points. Here are a couple more.

Big town's got its losers
Small town's got its vices
A handful of friends
One needs a match, one needs some ice
Call-waiting phone in another time zone
How do you say I miss you to
An answering machine?
How do say good night to
An answering machine?
-- "Answering Machine"

Priest kneels silent, all is still
Policeman reaches from the sill
Watch him, watch him try his best
There'll be no medal pinned to his chest
-- "The Ledge" (I sense a strong connection between this song and your "Jumpers")

Sent by diakron | 9:44 AM | 3-28-2008

Carrie, I think you summed it up perfectly for me when you described how Westeberg composed songs "have an adult acuity sung in an adolescent idiom."

Someone once phrased it that Westeberg wrote songs about the teenage perspective from the safety of the "other side" of adolescence. Only now that I'm beyond my teenage years can I truly appreciate how much his songs meant to me when I was 16.

Sent by Brian | 9:48 AM | 3-28-2008

Well, I broke the seal on my door
And I poured myself to bed
The whirlpool spinning around in my head
Around in my head
There was liquor on my breath
And you were on my mind
And I'll be dreamin of that smile
Without a care in the world
-If Only You Were Lonely

Sent by McCormack | 9:48 AM | 3-28-2008

First the lights, then the collar goes up, and the wind begins to blow
Turn your back on a pay-you-back, last call
First the glass, then the leaves that pass, then comes the snow
Ain't much to rake anyway in the fall
-Here Comes a Regular

Sent by bavery | 9:49 AM | 3-28-2008

Kudos to you for not including lyrics from the final two albums.

I'd like to add...

"How do you say I miss you to
An answering machine?
How do you say good night to
An answering machine?
How do you say I'm lonely to
An answering machine?
The message is very plain
Oh, I hate your answering machine
I hate your answering machine
I hate your answering machine..."

Sent by Tim | 10:07 AM | 3-28-2008

Every time I listen to the Replacements I wonder why they are so under-appreciated. Westerberg's lyrics are so slippery and clever, and deceptively casual.

Sent by Roy | 10:10 AM | 3-28-2008

From Sixteen Blue:

Your age is the hardest age
Everything drags and drags
One day, baby, maybe help you through

Drive your ma to the bank
Tell your pa you got a date
You're lying, now you're lying on your back

Try to figure out, they wonder what next youll pull
You don't understand anything sexual
I don't understand
Tell my friends I'm doing fine

Sent by Sean | 10:26 AM | 3-28-2008

I <3 the Replacements! As a native Minnesotan, songs like Skyway hit so close to home. You mentioned my favorite lyric already with the Bastards of Young quote, but you left out one of my personal favorites

"How do you say I miss you to
An answering machine?
How do you say good night to
An answering machine?
How do you say I'm lonely to
An answering machine?
The message is very plain
Oh, I hate your answering machine
-Answering Machine

That idea of trying to express your feelings w/o actually talking to someone and never feeling that you say it right. The frustration of making a personal connection has never been expressed in a more nakedly emotional way than that song.

Now I must go listen to Let It Be..

Sent by Brandon S | 10:45 AM | 3-28-2008

if he died in memphis that'd be cool, babe.

Sent by amy | 10:57 AM | 3-28-2008

Those are all pretty great, but I'll throw my two cents in for:
"Well you wish upon a star that turns into a plane
And I guess that's right on par
Who's left to blame?

If you were a pill
I'd take a handful at my will
And I'd knock you back with something sweet and strong"

Sent by Sal C | 11:12 AM | 3-28-2008

Oh, then one day, I saw you walkin' down that little one-way
Where, the place I'd catch my ride most everyday
There wasn't a damn thing I could do or say

Sent by caryn | 11:22 AM | 3-28-2008

"I'm in love. What's that song?
I'm in love with that song."
- Alex Chilton

Sent by ana | 11:25 AM | 3-28-2008

Take a look
on your wedding night
in your wedding book
see what name I signed

-Nobody (track 3 on All Shook Down)

Sent by johnny | 11:26 AM | 3-28-2008

My favorite Replacements lines are both from the first song I ever heard by them which oddly got a decent amount of play on the big rock station in NY back before I was even in high school. For some reason these just hit me as two of the coolest lines I'd ever heard put to music:
"If it's just a game
then I'll break down just in case..."


"You be me for a while,
and I'll be you"
- "I'll Be You"

Sent by Brian L. | 11:34 AM | 3-28-2008

I definitely dig all of the lyrics you mention.

How about:
Pretty girl keep growin' up, playin' make-up, wearin' guitar
Growin' old in a bar, ya grow old in a bar
-Left of the Dial

All you ever wanted was someone you're not scared of
-Little Mascara

By the way, what do you think of Paul's solo stuff? Do you still like his lyrics? Some of it I really like.

Michael, "Little Mascara is one of my favorite songs. I almost included the line you did, where he inverts "playin" and "wearin". Westerberg used that device often, and always beautifully, drawing a new meaning from the phrase. I like some of Paul's solo stuff, I went to see him play at a record store a few years ago. He did not disappoint. -CB

Sent by Michael | 11:47 AM | 3-28-2008

Like a lot of other bands I loved when I was younger, a part of me expected that I would grow out of the Replacements, but it seems I keep growing into them the older I get. My favorite lyrics come from the start of "Bastards of Young"
"God, what a mess on the ladder of success/when you take one step and miss the whole first rung/dreams unfulfilled, graduate unskilled/it beats picking cotten and waiting to be forgotton"

Sent by Rob | 12:22 PM | 3-28-2008

Ain't lost yet, so I gotta be a winner
Bacon and cigarettes, a lousy dinner

Sent by stuart | 12:25 PM | 3-28-2008

"It's too early to run to mama,
it's too late to run like hell"

The last song from the last album from the last greatest American Rock and Roll Band - The Last

Sent by Scott M | 12:30 PM | 3-28-2008

I need a G*D D**N Job
I need a G*D D**N Job...
I need a G*D D**N Girl
I need a G*D D**N Girl
G*D D**n it!
-G*D D**N Job


I aint got no idles
I aint got no taste
Im shiftless when Im idle
I got time to waste
-Shiftless when idle

Sent by kirk | 12:39 PM | 3-28-2008

hooray! i love the replacement, so good to remember how much. you're my favorite thing.

Sent by Andreana | 12:49 PM | 3-28-2008

"i used to live at home but now i stay in a house" - Here Comes A Regular
This line always makes my throat tighten up.

Sent by Brent Kelly | 1:22 PM | 3-28-2008

One foot in the door, the other foot in the gutter
The sweet smell that you adore, yeah I think I'd rather smother.

Everybody at your party
They don't look depressed
Everybody dressin' funny
Color me impressed

I saw him play at that local music store too. When he hit the songs it was moving, yet the false starts left me a little sad; similar to how his songs impact me. I'm in Minneapolis this week and I can't look at the skyways without humming a little.

Sent by mikeyj | 1:23 PM | 3-28-2008

I can't believe nobody's done "Here Comes a Regular"

And sometimes I just ain't in the mood
to take my place in back with the loudmouths
You're like a picture on the fridge that's never stocked with food
I used to live at home, now I stay at the house


Kneeling alongside old Sad Eyes
He says opportunity knocks once then the door slams shut
All I know is I'm sick of everything that my money can buy
The fool who wastes his life, God rest his guts

Sent by WillV | 1:47 PM | 3-28-2008

I agree, I've always had a soft spot for "Here Comes a Regular." "Within Your Reach" would be on my top ten all-time songs (a list I continually reshuffle in my mind). "Pleased to meet me" also fulfills my theory that many of my favorite records came out in 1987. The Replacements were my number one band when I lived in rural Massachusetts and had to order "Don't Tell a Soul" specially. Carrie, love your commentary here, so please forgive me for noting a misuse of an apostrophe in "Replacement's." I'm an editor, I can't help it! Thanks for writing.

Fixed! Technically, I have an editor at NPR. Robin? Robin? -CB

Sent by Zoe | 2:09 PM | 3-28-2008

I love Westerberg's voice, that ragged edge to it. I like that part you quote of "Androgynous," but I think the most moving and astute lyric from that song is:

"Mirror image, see no damage,
See no evil at all.
Kewpie dolls and urine stalls
Will be laughed at
The way you're laughed at now."

When I heard the song in high school I thought it was jokey and funny, but returning to it as a grownup I was struck by the compassion in it, and I think that lyric is the heart of it.

Sent by CJ | 2:26 PM | 3-28-2008

I know that this is a rather obscure choice, but it's one of the first Replacements songs I ever heard, and still one of my faves:

"All I wanna do is drink beer for breakfast
All I wanna eat is them BBQ chips
All I want is someone just to try to protect us
You can try but you'd never wanna try to defend us"

Sent by Sarah | 3:09 PM | 3-28-2008

Great blog. I frequently think about that "Pretty girl keep growin' up, playin' make-up, wearin' guitar" lyric.

I want "Here Comes A Regular" to be played at my funeral. The Replacements, while not very innovative, epitomized Rock & Roll at it's best and spirit. They are definitely one of the most underappreciated bands ever.

Sent by Serips | 3:43 PM | 3-28-2008

Hate to be inside baseball, but that MP3 of "Left of the Dial" is Paul solo, not the 'Mats. But it's by far the best live version of the song EVER.

Good call. I don't think the 'Mats ever sounded that tight live. Plus it's from '93. -CB

Sent by Dave | 4:06 PM | 3-28-2008

Many great lyrics have been brought up already - I'll add a couple of my slightly obscure faves:

"Well, you say that you'll both be real happy,
Well you forgot to tell your eyes."
- Don't Get Married (unreleased)

"Somewhere there's a smile with my name on it."
- If Only You Were Lonely (b-side)

Sent by Scott | 4:09 PM | 3-28-2008

"magazine she flips through
is a special double issue
smells like perfume
she leaves it on the plane"


"mail order ring
wrapped tight around a
singapore sling"

both from "one wink at a time"

Sent by ben | 4:31 PM | 3-28-2008

Before there were Missed Connections on craigslist, there was "Skyway"... I am such a sucker for this song.

"You take the skyway, high above the busy little one-way
In my stupid hat and gloves, at night I lie awake
Wonderin' if I'll sleep
Wonderin' if we'll meet out in the street

But you take the skyway
It don't move at all like a subway
It's got bums when it's cold like any other place
It's warm up inside
Sittin' down and waitin' for a ride
Beneath the skyway

Oh, then one day, I saw you walkin' down that little one-way
Where, the place I'd catch my ride most everyday
There wasn't a damn thing I could do or say
Up in the skyway"

Sent by Lex Webb | 4:39 PM | 3-28-2008

I would say eleven is not random at all when it comes to rock. While Spinal Tap started it as a joke, the number eleven has become a statement of intensity and quality, something that applies when making one's favorites list.

Sent by kristofer | 4:42 PM | 3-28-2008

Okay,I gotta go with a lyric from a Westerberg solo song, not a Replacements song, but same basic idea, right?

You can dress to the eights
You can dress to maim
Make you feel great, this fortune and fame
Wearing too much makeup, not near enough clothes

Sent by Ted | 5:54 PM | 3-28-2008

No need to post this, but you were on tonight's News Hour. A non-speaking part standing next to Bob Boilen. You are now officially famous.

I'm off to see your ex-bandmate at the 9:30 Club now...

Sent by East Coast Terry | 6:58 PM | 3-28-2008

I like:

When you wish upon a star that turns into a plane.
And I guess that's right on par
who's left to blame.
If you were a pill I'd take a handfull at my will.
And I'll knock you back with something sweet and strong.

Sent by xavier | 6:59 PM | 3-28-2008

if you were a pill, i'd take a handful at my will and knock you back with something sweet and strong


Sent by tracy c. | 7:59 PM | 3-28-2008

too many great Mats songs & lyrics to mention - most already listed here.

i'm they boy they can't ignore
for the first time in my life i'm sure
- the Ledge

while you can
- Go

its funny though - for all of their nonchalance & wistful lyricism, i love their rockers - shooting dirty pool is on the playlist i run to these days - they were never as tight as on that record.

Sent by bhouse | 8:37 PM | 3-28-2008

"Write you a letter tomorrow, tonight I can't hold a pen...."

"You're still in love with nobody, and I used to be nobody...."

LOVE this blog!

Thanks Carrie!

Sent by Christine | 8:45 PM | 3-28-2008

god i love this band...

Sent by Joseph M Jamison | 10:34 PM | 3-28-2008

I can't think of anything new to add to this list, but man, is that a great track! Keep linking the music in your columns, it's such a nice little treat!

Sent by gcn | 10:59 PM | 3-28-2008

i became a fan of the replacements because you mentioned them in your blog and i was interested in the band. now i love the band with all my heart.

Sent by killabot | 11:47 PM | 3-28-2008

You covered all the lyrics for me, but I have to take this opportunity to talk about one of the best live shows I've ever seen. Westerberg touring for "14 songs" .. .played Austin's Liberty Lunch. He played 30 songs!!! At least half of them Replacements songs. For an encore, Bob Mould gets on stage (he was living in Austin at the time), guitar in hand, of course, and they play "ace of spades" and "i wanna be your dog" to close the show. Amazing start to finish!

Sent by Blake | 2:47 AM | 3-29-2008

"Write you a letter tomorrow, tonight I can't hold a pen"

"You're still in love with nobody, and I used to be nobody."

And just becasue I love the song....

"Does anyone recall the saddest love of all, the one that let's you fall with nothing to hold."

LOVE the blog Carrie....

Sent by Christinethestrawberrygirl | 3:20 AM | 3-29-2008

I always liked the ramblings of "Lovelines". "Also send your note and desires - means of contact PO Box 8941 Baby"

I love those too. -CB

Sent by Matt | 4:28 AM | 3-29-2008

Look me in the eye
And tell me
that I'm satisfed

I'm so
I'm so

Sent by melior | 4:33 AM | 3-29-2008

Income tax deduction, what a helluva function.

-- from Bastards of Young

(appropriate from a guy who was born on Dec. 31, so his parents got the tax writeoff).

Sent by Martinpecial | 1:53 PM | 3-29-2008

"Unsatisfied," "Skyway," "Nobody," "Androgynous"--Westerberg really excels at capturing sad states of mind (even though "I Will Dare" remains my #1 favorite of theirs). In that vein nobody has yet mentioned one of my favorite of their sad songs, which is about the best song I know at summing up an entire life in a single stanza. I've listened to it a hundred times and I'm still not quite sure what the story is supposed to be, but it is heartbreaking anyway:

"Sadly Beautiful"
From the very first day that you were born
to the very last time you waved and honked your horn
had no chance at all to watch you grow
up so sadly, beautiful


From the very last time you waved and honked your horn
to a face that turned away pale and worn
had no chance at all to let you know
you left me sadly, beautiful

Sent by David G. | 2:41 PM | 3-29-2008

Rock'n'Roll Ghost
The verse-

Well, you said,
"He's better off dead"
You think that I might have said a word
but I was much to young
much to cool for words
Look at me now

The cadence of this verse is so beautiful, and his voice is so silky smooth.
It is perfection!

Sent by Brent Kelly | 3:02 PM | 3-29-2008

Saw another Minneapolis Mega-ton (well, back then, anyway--now he's fit as sh*t) at the Doug Fir last night w/ his band (didn't know the drummer yet) and will see them again tonight at Neumo's. Love this time of year, and not for the weather. So, amid this, thanks for the leads on where to go for the classics, even if only chez YouTube, for now.

Sent by ns3 | 4:18 PM | 3-29-2008

I've always been struck by the opening lines of "Bastards of Young."

God, what a mess, on the ladder of success
Where you take one step and miss the whole first rung
Dreams unfulfilled, graduate unskilled
It beats pickin' cotton and waitin' to be forgotten

I actually rewrote the song's lyrics when my union was on strike two years ago to be about our struggles. It's cheesy and forgoes Westerberg's brilliant, tortured ambivalence for more polemical and propagandistic purposes, but i tried to be faithful and i did it out of love. It can be accessed here:

Sent by ZSW | 5:18 PM | 3-29-2008

Don't Tell a Soul was one of my favorite albums in High School. I wore out the copy I mad from my friend's tape.

"Shocking how nothing shocks anymore,"
The message read as it washed ashore
Skies turn black as my eyes look down
Written on the back are these words I've found:

We'll inherit the earth, but we don't want it
It's been ours since birth, what you doin' on it?
We'll inherit the earth, but we don't want it
Layin' claim at birth, what you doin' on it?

Sent by Dave A. | 1:25 AM | 3-30-2008

Two true stories from my youth:
-when I was 14, I had my first boyfriend, a big deal since I wasn't the kind of girl boys usually liked. We were riding around, and I forced him to listen to "Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash" about 10 times in a row. I went to play it again, proclaiming its awesomeness, and he said, "I think their strange," and put in some hair metal. I decided then and there to break up w/him.
-when I was 15, I saw the Replacements. I was worried they'd get really drunk and blow the show; instead, they were only kind of drunk, and played an awesome set, including "Color Me Impressed." After, I got to meet them, and they were super nice. It was the highlight of my young life, and I still have the signed ticket stub as a treasured artifact.

Sent by Nicole | 7:56 AM | 3-30-2008

This is a Westerbery lyric that always catches me.

Do you remember me long ago
Used to wear my heart on my sleeve
I guess it still shows

Sent by mikeyj | 4:37 PM | 3-30-2008

if it's just a game
then i'll break down just incase
hurry up, hurry up
we're running in our last race

- i'll be you

Sent by christina | 2:30 PM | 3-31-2008

I hate music
It's got too many notes.

- I Hate Music

Great tribute. Thanks for doing this Carrie!

Sent by mike | 10:01 PM | 3-31-2008

damn. amazing.

Sent by KM | 10:11 PM | 3-31-2008

"Unsatisfied" has always been my lump-in-the-throat Replacements song, especially the lines:

"And it goes so slowly on
Everything I've ever wanted
Tell me, what's wrong?"


"Everything goes
or anything goes
all of the time
Everything you dream of
Is right in front of you
liberty is a lie"

(At least, I think it's how it goes...)

Thanks for the post, Carrie - I hadn't thought of the Replacements in quite awhile. It's good to be listening to them again today. They were one of my faves circa 1984-5.

Sent by The Comtesse DeSpair | 3:48 PM | 4-1-2008

"We Know the Night" "Sadly Beautiful", two of my favorites. I've enjoyed most of Westerberg's solo material, even a few off the Grandpaboy records. I was in my early teens when the glossier, but well crafted, first three solo albums came out. However, from his later solo material - I think Mono/Stereo is my favorite album.

Sent by james richards | 1:31 PM | 4-2-2008

I'd start with "Unsatisfied" (among dozens of nominees). It's where I fell in love with the band, during the mid-eighties. It was the year I dropped out of high school, and I vividly remember listening to that song for the first time- in an empty house, screaming along at the top of my lungs.

To this day, it's one of my favorite recordings.

Sent by MPR | 6:27 AM | 4-3-2008

"Cerebreal rape and pillage, in the village of his choice" was always a favorite of mine; I also found out about Big Star from this song; although I just traveled far without any Big Star, in fact to Memphis (I did have Big Star on my iPod, but it wasn't on the car stereo, so it doesn't count). I also love, "I hate music, it's got too many notes." The Replacements were the absolute destination of my near daily drunken escapes in my '20s during the '80s. I loved that band. It saddens me a little that I did in fact almnost completely outgrow them when I stopped drinking, had several kids, settled down, etc. I still love rock, in fact I still love Big Star as much as ever. (I love the Alex solo stuff more and more as time goes on. I GET IT). But the 'mats were kind of left behind for me. One time in 1990 I had sex with my wife while trying to get her pregnant (successfully) for the first time, and I got out of bed, and stretched my arms toward the ceiling, and arched my back, and cranked Hold My Life, and I thought, that is what it is, getting my wife pregnant, hold my life, until I am ready to use it, hold my life, because I just might lose it. That was a moment for me. And I think that is in fact my favorite replacements song. I heard them play Darlin' One at Mississippi Nights in St. Louis in 1989, and Paul was so wasted he never even said "Darlin' One" during the chorus. But I never heard it said, by the song itself, so beautifully. It was in the air, the same way I could hear the staccato horns in the air when Jerry Garcia and John Kahn played it acoustic in 1982 in Chicago. The replacements were so magic, but something about them, I left behind, in a way I didn't with the Who, the Dead, the Stones, Big Star, REM, etc. The replacements were one all time love that seemed to stay in their past era--perhaps it was the large adolescent measure of it, and I am no longer an adolescent, in hardly anyway. I think having my own teenagers put an end to that. I still love their best music, but they don't really feel like mine anymore. In sobriety, I have had an occasional relapse, and inevitably while drunk I will be cranking Gary's Got a Boner, Within Your Reach, etc. But I ain't like that no more, really. I don't leave drunken messages on answering machines anymore....

Sent by John | 10:15 AM | 4-3-2008

derek fudesco lead me to the Replacements. Yeah I liked. Im still a novice with them tho. lol.

Sent by Marissa Dailey | 4:45 AM | 4-4-2008

"Bring your own lampshade, somewhere there's a party"

I thought 14 Songs was a really nice record. Sadly, I kinda lost track of his solo career after that. This verse from "Things" always hurts me to hear. I can never decide whether it is harder to be on the giving or receiving end of the sentiment:

Things I'm bound to tell you
like that dress looks great on you
I could use some breathing room
but I'm still in love with you.

Sent by Lo | 9:59 AM | 4-4-2008

Gotta Fix one -
Ain't lost yet, so I gotta be a winner
Bacon and cigarettes, a lousy dinner
is really
Ain't lost yet, so I gotta be a winner
Fingernails and cigarettes, a lousy dinner

Better even...

Sent by Chris | 5:43 PM | 4-4-2008

The first Replacements album I ever got was Tim. I was in the 8th grade and, of course, like most people, I felt completely awkward and out of place. The usual shit you have to suffer at that age.

Although I did and still do love every song on that album, Here Comes A Regular always got me big time because of the line - "Am I the only one who feels ashamed?" I love everything about that song, but that was THE line for me.

I don't know exactly what he was singing about in that song, but that was exactly how I felt at school and although it did make me a little sad, it comforted me and made me feel as though I did belong to something and it was could understand in my own way. My relationship with music was strengthened by The Replacements at that time and it helped me to not feel so out of place.

I didn't feel ashamed about my relationship with bands that I loved/love and that made me feel like my own person, which helped me through school.

That may be a big ball of corny rambling, but it's the truth, Ruth.

ps - LOVE your blog!

Sent by Albert | 11:13 PM | 4-4-2008

My fave PW lyric is from WE MAY WELL BE THE ONES from the Stereo /Mono album
cigarette butts form your brothers green helmet/the one from the war where everyone lost/they taught him to pour coffee and napalm/and traded his storm for an intense calm/that just won;t let him be
It gives me the chills just type it!

Sent by Bob | 3:17 AM | 4-15-2008

I can see
The ship's full of holes
Even though
With a heave and a ho
Gonna raise my sails
---Nowhere is My Home

Sent by Chafe | 10:21 AM | 4-18-2008

I heard it on the airwaves, I've seen it in my glass
Get your money on the table, get your head out of your ass
You're the coolest guy that I ever have smelt
I ain't a notch on nobody's belt

(Repeat chorus)

Why don't you get a haircut, sister?
That's it! {bottle breaking}

Sent by Lou | 3:33 PM | 4-21-2008

Saw Paul Westerberg do "Alex Chilton" in concert a few years back. He changed the lyrics a bit.

"I never travel far/Without a little GNR." Classic Westerberg.

The Replacements were the best band of all time.

Sent by cji | 11:04 PM | 4-21-2008

Well, I don't know who's right on this but I've always sung along with:

"Ain't lost yet so I gotta be a winner
Pickin' and singin' makes a lousy dinner"

Which makes a lot more sense to me.

Aside from that, a couple of favourites that haven't been mentioned are:

"A person can work up a mean, mean thirst
After a hard day of nothing much at all"


"You say now don't be a stranger
It really don't matter to me
I'd be willing to wager
That it don't matter much if we keep in touch."

Also,"If only you were lonely."
I just discovered this song a few months ago and it blew me away. It might seem a bit jokey at first listen, but it is just dripping with honesty, longing and regret.
As good as any of the later stuff in spite of (or maybe because of) the vomiting and toilets in the second verse.

Sent by Eric | 11:53 PM | 4-21-2008

I apologize if someone has already mentioned this one. There's something about the way Paul sings the opening word of I'll Be You... "If"... Gives me goosebumps every time! Not many singers can imbue a single word like that with such pathos.

Sent by Josh | 2:33 PM | 4-23-2008

a person can work up a mean mean thirst, after a hard day of nothing much at all

Sent by Bill | 8:28 PM | 4-23-2008

are we the same girl? i shout the lines from bastards of young you quoted as they come up. people listen to the actal lyrics when they see how passionate i am.

Sent by brittany | 11:47 PM | 4-23-2008

I've always loved Westerberg's lyrics with the Replacements. One of my favorites are from "I'll Be You":

"A dream - too tired to come true

Left a rebel without a clue

And searching for something to do."

Tom Petty, your lawyer's on line one...

One of my favorite solo albums after the breakup was Chris Mars' "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades." The very last song of that album was called "Last Drop," about a group of has-beens who visit the same bar every night and have hung together for years. This has always struck me as the flip side to the wintry "Here Comes A Regular."

Sent by jim | 9:48 AM | 4-27-2008

Razzle dazzle Razzle Roam
Time for this one to come home
Razzle dazzle razzle Die
Timeefor this one to come alive

Hold my life until I'm ready to use it
Hold my life because I just might lose it...

Sent by Ross | 10:01 AM | 5-1-2008

You wake, to another day and find
The wind is blowin' outta key with your sky...

From Merry-Go-Round. Not one of his best songs from not one of their best albums, but a line I love nonetheless.

Sent by RNT | 4:06 PM | 5-19-2008

"Johnnys gonna die, na-na na-na na na."

Sent by Dougie | 10:34 PM | 6-12-2008


"if you were a pill, id take a handfull at my will and knock you back with something sweet and strong"

Sent by Zakstopher | 11:47 PM | 7-3-2008

Wouldn't it be easier to list the lyrics that aren't any good?
My personal favorite (besides a million others) is
"She's got the devil in 'er eyes. Only one way to exorcise him... One wink at a time.

Sent by One Wink | 1:01 AM | 7-6-2008

"Remember sitting back in school
I held my tongue until it turned blue
they said I had an attitude"...Attitude

"knees quake, there ain't a shotgun in the place
you like the frostin', you just bought the cake" ......Nobody

"Opportunity knocks once then the door slams shut, All I know is that I'm sick of everything that my money can buy,
A fool who wastes his life god rests his guts"....Here comes a regular

They have to be the most underrated band of all time!

Sent by Rich Eng | 1:43 AM | 7-13-2008

I've always loved the Replacements. "Tim" has been a mainstay on the Media Form Du Jour since I bought it on cassette in college in 1985.

One of my favorite solo Mats recordings is Chris Mars' "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades." The thing I liked about the album is the same thing I've loved about every Replacements album - the pure heart and slippery prose. Interestingly, the last song on Mars' album, "Last Drop", is the flip side of "Here Comes A Regular" - rather than evoking the wintry chill of routine and seeing the same faces day after day in the same bar, Mars celebrates lifelong friendships among the has-beens. Sometimes "Last Drop" resonates, sometimes "Regular" does. But let it be known that there's always an alternative view.

Sent by Jimmiek | 1:15 AM | 8-17-2008

"Things I'm bound to tell you like that dress looks great on ya
I could use some breathing room but I'm still in love with you
Things I'd never tell you, down the line someday
You'll be a song I sing, a thing I give away"

- Things, from the solo career

Sent by James | 12:11 AM | 8-29-2008

"Spend my cash, waste my time
Take out the trash - not this time!
Well, you won't never say that it's so...
You're in love and I'm in trouble...


I forgot how simply powerful their very first single was 'til I listened to the reissue of "Sorry, Ma..." I'll always regret living here in MN and never seeing them live...

Sent by Brett | 3:23 PM | 9-16-2008