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My sister visited a friend's grandfather who had an amazing, super hi-fidelity, crazy-ass speaker stereo system. Knowing I would be interested to see it, she passed along a photo. I thought you might be interested in viewing this thing of wonder yourself.


The photo also got me thinking about how all of us music listeners have different devices from which our music springs forth: iPods and mp3 players, car stereos, computer speakers, boom boxes, or the old fashion stereo console. If you are so inclined, please take a picture of the device on which you listen to music most of the time and I'll compile the photos for Friday or Monday's blog.

Send your pictures to

To start things off, here is a picture of my home stereo system (infinitely less cool than the one pictured above). I also have a boom box in the shape of a 1950s car in my kitchen (on sale at Fred Meyer many moons ago), but most of my CDs, records, and mp3s get played through this set up.