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Waitin' Around to Die

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Days, Be More Than All We Have

Days, Be More Than All We Have

Welcome back to the working week. Here is a second "mix."

I must admit, I was a bit bewildered to read comments that expressed surprise that the previous mix was so heavy on the rock. I suppose it just reflects the disparity between perceptions and reality.

Here, then, is a less heavy mix. I am trying to take into consideration the delicate and sensitive ears of some MM readers. Actually, this mix is heavy as well, but in a different way. Intensity, after all, has very little to do with volume.

Here's a version of the list with cover art and purchase links for the CDs. The audio files are also the kind you can add to your custom playlist.

Townes Van Zandt: "Waitin' Around to Die"

Bobby Babylon

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Cody Chesnutt: "Upstarts in a Blowout"

Blues Run the Game

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Judee Sill: "Jesus Was a Cross Maker"


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The Small Faces: "Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire"


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The Undertones: "I Don't Know"

Read a Book

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Freddie McGregor: "Bobby Babylon"

The Good Old Days

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The Libertines: "The Good Old Days"

I Don't Know

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Pylon: "Read a Book"

Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire

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Wire: "The 15th"

Jesus Was a Cross Maker

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Television: "Days"

Upstarts in a Blowout

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Jackson C. Frank: "Blues Run the Game"

Waitin' Around to Die

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An interesting tidbit: This mix was supposed to have the Grateful Dead on it, whose music I really love, but they refused unless we promised to do a piece on them on All Things Considered. In addition, we would need to run a feature on The Dead on the site. Here's a sentence I've never written: Someone needs to take a bong hit and chill out. Just a simple "no thanks" would have sufficed. Are The Dead really in need of publicity? Because I swear there's a dancing bear sticker on every third car I see in Portland. And now I've written a paragraph on them anyway, for free, not even in exchange for a song. Doesn't that count?!

Clarification. The Grateful Dead were not involved with the decision regarding the requested track. It was the band's label who would not give permission for the track to be used in its entirety. The label also suggested that it might be easier to get permission if we did a piece on the band on All Things Considered and on the NPR website

But back to the mix.

These songs were originally compiled on a rainy day a few weeks ago, with no promise of sun. So, they might sound better to your ears under gray skies. The mix could easily be called "The Underdogs." Many of these artists never gained recognition while they were around (or alive) or still don't get the widespread attention they deserve (Pylon, Van Zandt, Frank, Sill). Some of these tunes are culled from the band's less popular albums, namely the Television, Wire, and Undertones songs. I love "Days" as much as anything on Marquee Moon and, in my opinion, Wire's 154 is a better and more challenging overall album than its two groundbreaking predecessors. (Though the three albums together form one of the best trifectas in late 70s music.) Lastly, Small Faces are simply incredible and always make me happy and I'm still surprised that more people don't seek them out.




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Wow. Well, the Dead (or more precisely, that stub of the Dead that has taken over their business management, which I believe is either the "Bob side" or the "Phil side"... maybe someone else knows better) have become pretty ruthless about business recently. They used to have this cool "Taper's Section" where every week they'd put up 4 or 5 live songs that were great & you could download them to your iPod. then after about 1 year they realized their "mistake" and converted it all to streaming, even the old ones--all of which makes me wonder, what in the world did they think they'd be sacrificing by letting you put up a streaming song? It's bizarre. Not to mention that yours really isn't just any blog--they should be honored!

Right on all other counts, as always--there is much to love about Adventure and all of Wire (maybe I'm alone in loving a lot of The Ideal Copy and A Bell Is a Cup Until It Is Struck... yum, "Kidney Bingoes"!)

Are you allowed to tell us which GD song (and venue, date, etc., etc.) you were going to include? How about a choice 1972 recording of "Cumberland Blues" or "China Cat Sunflower"?

Sent by David G. | 2:12 PM | 5-12-2008

I got into Wire after a review of a band I liked described them as, "Wire produced by Brian Wilson." I generally don't like purchasing bands I'm not familiar with on comparisons, but this was sort of a reverse comparison as I was already familiar with the newer band. It was the original band I hadn't heard. "Chairs Missing," was the first purchase. "I Am The Fly" is still probably my favorite song and most used on mixes (it makes me laugh), although "the 15th" is right up there.

If you haven't heard "Wire on the BOX: 1979," it is a great live show which is a great mix of songs from "the trifecta" albums and it comes with a DVD of the performance. I actually prefer the live version of "A Touching Display" on it to the studio version on 154.

Sent by Mac Coldwell | 3:07 PM | 5-12-2008

Speaking under gray Philadelphia skies with no hope of seeing the sun today, this hit the spot.

Sent by Brian | 3:09 PM | 5-12-2008

Cody Chesnutt! That was a great album. Dude needs to hurry up with his next release.

Sent by Ivan | 3:11 PM | 5-12-2008

YES! Oh this is a great mix. As a huge undertones & wire fan I must say this made my day. And the skies are full of grey clouds. Thanks Carrie.

Sent by esme | 3:13 PM | 5-12-2008

also good on this sensitive mix i think would have been that judee sill song "enchanted sky machines!"

Sent by ld | 4:51 PM | 5-12-2008

I can't believe you guys cleared rights for these tunes... shoulda just put it up on muxtape and claimed fair use (they'd be pretty daft to sue).

I tried, but the higher ups wanted it to be legit. -CB

Sent by joe | 4:57 PM | 5-12-2008

The Libertines? Now that surprised me a little I must admit.

Sent by Julia | 5:19 PM | 5-12-2008

I just recently discovered Pylon - so awesome!

Sent by CBlair | 5:40 PM | 5-12-2008

Wow, I didn't realize that bloggers have to or are supposed to get the band's permission before posting their songs in a mix. I also feel that Wire's 154 is a surprisingly underrated record. "Blues Run the Game" is my favorite Jackson Frank tune and you can't really go wrong with the heartwrenching melancholy of Townes Van Zandt's "Waitin' Round to Die". Great mix!

Sent by Kevin | 5:51 PM | 5-12-2008

Hearing that someone, in this case CBlair, has recently discovered Pylon makes me happy. The fact that hundreds of readers of this post will, too, makes me unspeakably so.

Television! All my friends went on and on and frackin' ON about them for years, and I just ignored them out of sheer contrariness. Until this year. I'm an idiot.

Sent by Margo | 6:15 PM | 5-12-2008

The last mix was too heavy? Wa, wa. Baby wants a Zima.

My day is rather gray and windy today. Thank you for the music. Although if I were to choose a Pylon track, I would have chosen "Stop It," or even "Functionality." There's something minimally beautiful about Pylon.

Sent by Nick L. | 7:23 PM | 5-12-2008

I remember the first time I listened to The Libertines' Up the Bracket, seated on a stool in a record shop, and when I got to "The Good Old Days," being absolutely blown away. It's such an amazing song. Even though it's assembled from familiar elements the resulting mix is stunningly unique. Great songs, all. Though I'd argue that Fischerspooner's version of Wire's "The 15th" is even better (no seriously... stop laughing, please).

Sent by K??ri Tulinius | 7:30 PM | 5-12-2008

You're not going to tell us which Grateful Dead song it was? (or not allowed by higher-ups?) Is "Box of Rain" too obvious? (I am guessing the studio version this time.)

I do love "Box of Rain" but it was actually "Friend of the Devil." -CB

Sent by David G. | 7:52 PM | 5-12-2008

Carrie - I don't doubt that your request to use "Friend of the Devil" ran into some sort of bureaucratic brick wall somewhere, but something here confuses me: since no monolithic entity called "Grateful Dead" no longer exists, Grateful Dead Productions having folded its tents some years ago, I'm wondering just where your request landed, and who might have been authorized to make such demands as an "All Things Considered" segment on behalf of the former band members?

Sent by Legs | 11:10 PM | 5-12-2008

The Grateful Dead refusal was sad, but unsurprising. Since Jerry died the they've been taken over by ruthless corporate interests, spearheaded by the Bob side, vs. the Phil side (there's sort of an intra-Dead family feud).

I am thrilled that you love their music though. My two favorite bands ever are the Dead and Sleater-Kinney, but I always get weird looks when I say that. Also, "Friend of the Devil" is my favorite song ever. Below it on my favorite song ever list are "Blues Run the Game" and "Jesus Was A Cross Maker." So thanks for this mix, it has made my day.

Sent by Nicole | 11:58 PM | 5-12-2008

Both mixes are cool, but Wire's got me typing. Someday I will come face-to-face with someone else with an appreciation for Wire. I have the albums that came before and after 154 (I didn't 'discover' them until "Ahead" started airing on 120 Minutes), but that's the album I still listen to regularly.

Sent by Jen J. | 12:40 AM | 5-13-2008

Hey there - Townes is indeed incredible, when I play that track it's not him, it's "Blues Run The Game" again.

Nobody, but nobody, mixed brilliance with craft like Townes did. He doesn't have the single lines that sear your heart like Dylan does - he creates miniature worlds in his songs, animated by pure real humanity, places within which you can get lost and found again. It's not redemption, not condemnation either, just truth.

Sent by Joe C | 2:09 AM | 5-13-2008

So nice to hear someone speak of the Dead and Wire and Television in the same post (Foxhole!!). Don't forget to post a Swans' song sometime. I wonder which one you might choose... My choice for a dead song for this mix tape: Candyman.

Sent by Daniel | 2:40 AM | 5-13-2008

Yay, The Libertines! Does this mean that you contacted one of them?! Pete D. only got out of jail recently. I don't actually think you talked to him. Who knows, maybe rockstars all have each other's phone numbers.

Sent by Anjanette | 11:11 AM | 5-13-2008

How about some All Things Reconsidered by Phish? Or has this been done?

Sent by Matthew | 12:57 PM | 5-13-2008

After twenty years in the music biz, it always surprises me that I somehow missed Judee Sill's work. She is truly amazing. Her songs also interest me since I am an enormous Joni Mitchell fan. It seems that her "Court and Spark" era sound did not spring forth out of a vacuum, but that there were other artists working towards that direction.

I also seemed to miss Wire somehow, though all my friends at the time were listening to them. Now it's fun for me to hear them and realize how much of an influence they had on the early Spoon albums "Telephono" and "Soft Effects."

Sent by Vortex | 12:59 PM | 5-13-2008

@Matthew Good and super logical choice on that front.

Come on, Carrie! Go all jamband on us! Can you next one be all jambands EXCEPT The Dead?

Sent by Justin Ward | 1:08 PM | 5-13-2008

Phil's been pretty good about sharing music, he puts lots of his shows (SBD's) up on-line for free. I think some of "The Dead" has been transferred away from founding members, and they are in licensing agreements, etc. etc. Needless to say, the humanity that existed when the original band did has gone the way of the band now that the corporate interests have taken over and there's no new material* coming. *Each member has their own thing going on, but if you want the spirit of the Dead, it's alive and well with P&F!

Sent by jeff c. | 1:57 PM | 5-13-2008

Ug. Not a "Dead" fan and even less inclined to bother with them after reading about them here today. RIP Jerry!

Sent by Ramone | 2:01 PM | 5-13-2008

I know I commented yesterday, but this Grateful Dead thing ticks me off. For a long time I had an aversion to their music, but recently I've been growing closer to buying some Dead. If what you said is true, that they denied permission to post one of their songs on Monitor Mix, I'm never going to buy anything by the Grateful Dead. They're really strapped for cash. You know? The penniless bards from the 60's are really having to beg for fans these days. This makes me want to download their entire repertoire illegally just so they don't see one dime of my money.

Sent by Nick L. | 2:27 PM | 5-13-2008

Thank you for also loving the Small Faces. I am always torn between wanting the world to appreciate their genius, and being happy that they're semi-obscure so I have a better chance at getting their rarities. Maybe it's a PDX thing; lotta Small Faces fans here, I've noticed.

Sent by Jemiah | 2:49 PM | 5-13-2008

Glad to see 154 getting some love - that is an awesome record. I also love their second coming stuff(A Bell Is A Cup, etc.) and am eager to hear what they'll be doing this year. The one song I heard was great.

Sent by Jeremy Shatan | 2:58 PM | 5-13-2008


I do my share of digging for cool music, and I happened upon them right after they put out the reissue of their 1980 album Gyrate. I was blown away.

Awesome list, Carrie. Oh, I also want to help direct attention to the band Ladyhawk. You were so right about them.

Regarding the Grateful Dead..
It seems as though the band is becoming popular with the hipsters now for some reason. Almost all of the critical review I read in the past was just that - critical. Now it seems that every piece I read that mentions the Dead is positive, if somewhat grudgingly. Am I alone?

Sent by Chad Bly | 3:15 PM | 5-13-2008

Yay, a new mix! I liked the last one too though so I don't know what the fuss was about... Yay Libertines!

Yes, after a week of rain on the east coast, the mix does work for the skies above...

Not surprised about the Dead, although considering they always encouraged bootlegs during shows and such, it is interesting to see the shift in policy after the fact.


Sent by KKnight | 3:16 PM | 5-13-2008

thanks for this mix. it's perfect for a cold, rainy denver day.

Sent by Georgina | 4:39 PM | 5-13-2008

Wow. I'm really disappointed in NPR and this show (Carrie) for their petty complaint about The Dead.

Like most politicians, you don't seem to want to let FACTS get into the way of your little rant.

Was it "The Grateful Dead" who refused your request? Or was it Rhino? Or possibly Ice Nine? Cause truth be told, The Grateful Dead doesn't exist anymore... and does not even have control (or final say) of the musical rights anymore anyway.

I GUARANTEE Bob, Phil, Mickey or Billy weren't the ones you contacted, nor were they the ones who gave you your negative answer. But you still state this as if you contacted them directly and they refused.

Finally, "The Dead" and "The Grateful Dead" are two different things. So what the company representing their music was obviously trying to do was get your show (or your station) to present some information about what the GD members are currently doing... in exchange for the rights to play their song and attract more people to your show (which I am sure you benefit from the success of in more ways than one).

See some people think this may be a departure from the sacred "way it was"... but most of those people (apparently like yourself) are either too young or too naive to realize that even in the 60s and 70s, a request like that from the GD would have been common practice... and would have most likely have received an automatic YES from most stations or entities playing their STUDIO music. (I'm assuming you were asking for rights to play the studio version of Friend of the Devil?)

For the people who mentioned the Vault and the downloading/streaming issue:

1st - this is totally different because it is STUDIO music in question, and that was ALWAYS subject to the same rights and clearances as any other studio music by popular american bands. So the situation you refer to about the Vault simply doesn't even relate or apply to this one.

2nd - during the time they made that decision, they were in the process of trying to sell the vault to Rhino... who are in the process now of releasing some AMAZING recordings at quality levels MUCH better than the SBDs that were floating around (and still are for those who had them beforehand... you can still trade these freely with friends like you were always able to do... you just can't offer them online). And I personally would MUCH rather have Bob, Phil, Mickey and Billy making music (together or separately) instead of sitting around deciding which show to release.

So yeah, in some worlds ripping on "The Dead" will give you some street cred. Hopefully the "street cred" you get from the people on this site that don't know anything about the GD will be worth pissing off the people on this site that DO know something about the GD and recognize your whining for what it is... wah wah wah.

Sent by Anthony | 4:42 PM | 5-13-2008

Who from the Grateful Dead gave you that dealio? Could it have been the Rhino folks who control the music? The reason I ask is because since when does a band need to give permission for it's music to be aired? Or was it an interview with a band member? You're post is so vague as to what it is you wanted for your show. Instead you use your forum to get the phans in a tizzle. So why don't you tell us exactly what occured because the Grateful Dead have long supported NPR and this doesn't sound like them even in these corporate times. Folks are reacting to your words as if they were fact when there surly must be some some ax to grind on your part. You sound like you need a bong hit!

Sent by Crazy Chester | 4:55 PM | 5-13-2008

Ah, that was nice for my dreary Seattle day today.

Did you write something a while ago about acoustic guitars making you want to run away? Are there exceptions?

Sent by JJ Hellgate | 5:06 PM | 5-13-2008

I'm obsessed with Wire and I believe Ahead may be my favorite song of all time. If you go onto YouTube you can find a clip of Wire performing on the Susanne Somers show. Pure brilliance!

Sent by sarah mary | 5:27 PM | 5-13-2008

I just wanted to clear up any confusion about The Grateful Dead "situation."

Someone at NPR contacted their people about streaming a song on this blog. Yes, NPR does ask and need permission even for this. Their lawyers denied permission and made the suggestions as to how we might be able to get the song.

As I stated in the post, I am a fan of the band's music. As I also stated in the post, saying "no" to a request is understandable but I found the idea of bargaining to be strange, though it is not atypical. Lastly, I understand that the band had nothing to do with this decision and it certainly doesn't change my affection towards them.

There have been a few comments that I think understood that I wasn't harshing on the band and get that there is a tacit understanding that it is often the business people that grant or deny these requests.

What makes me the most upset is that no one has ever gotten mad about the Eagles.

Sent by Carrie Brownstein | 5:31 PM | 5-13-2008

Phil stood up for the phans when the GD pulled the archive from public domain a couple of years back. Bob Weir made it clear at the time that he didn't want to give the music away. Then again, it is his music so..Again, why would you need permission? Is it bcause you don't pay a mechanical royality for airplay? That's the only thing I can think of. The Grateful Dead have long supported NPR. But your blog, if it is a personal thing, then maybe you should be paying. It is there music you know..

Sent by Crazy Chester | 5:48 PM | 5-13-2008

Heck with The GD, The Eagles (UGH!) and 'Anthony' and his patronizing response above.

I don't understand why any business thinks that treating people like this would somehow increase their sales.

I certainly would never purchase anything Grateful Dead related in the future. (or the Eagles).

Sent by Dirk | 6:12 PM | 5-13-2008

5/8/77 -- Great show, check out the link to stream it.

There's plenty of places to find streaming (or torrented) Grateful Dead, like the archive. Just gotta poke around. There's definitely no shortage of legal and free music out there.

Sent by OdessaBlue | 6:13 PM | 5-13-2008

Jebus, an interesting tidbit causes outrage among fans and a diatribe by someone with way too much time on their hands. Admit it, CB, your intent was to get Dead "phans in a tizzle."

-- "Like most politicians, you don't seem to want to let FACTS get into the way of your little rant."

1. In FACT, Carrie's tidbit was not a rant. Vague, perhaps. Rant, no.

2. It's her blog, buddy. She can say whatever she wants to, whether factual or not.

3. Bonghits indeed!

Sent by tim! | 6:36 PM | 5-13-2008

i can't help but be reminded to the excellent Sleater Kinney song lyrics from "Entertain" i think they go "You come around sounding 1972..
You did nothing new with 1972" when I see the "libertines" on that mix. i personally found no authenticity to what that band did. having said that, we all have differant opinions and i respect them all. i look forward to every new entry on this site.

Sent by Richard | 7:52 PM | 5-13-2008

"Here's a sentence I've never written: Someone needs to take a bong hit and chill out."

I know it's really unlikely, but part of me really hopes that one day, this will find its way into a thunderAnt video. Because it really is that funny, and hearing either you or Fred Armisen say it is one of the few things that could possibly make it funnier.

I'm interested in studying how people's relationships to music, and I find the reaction to The Grateful Dead Song Denial Debacle fascinating. Why do we react so strongly to 'situations' like this one, where rights and clearances are involved? Why do we get all upset over digital downloading? I hope that at some point you'll (or if you have already, write more) about this.

p.s. While I was typing this, my father (who works for the musicians' union and deals with copyright and digital downloading/streaming issues on daily basis) called me, and asked what I was doing. I explained the entire thing to him, and he responded not with a lecture on labels, policy, and copyright infringement, but with a paraphrased quote from his favorite movie:

"No 'Friend of the Devil'? Denied!"

Sent by JV | 8:15 PM | 5-13-2008

Carrie, thanks for mentioning Television. I am certain they are America's most under-rated band (no I'm not talking about the relative handful of hipsters who've got Marquee Moon in their CD collection), they just deserve more attention and airplay.Thanks! Days is a fabulous song.

Sent by Russ | 9:55 PM | 5-13-2008

I had to look up the word 'trifecta' online. I'm still not entirely clear: is it synonymous with 'triple-whammy'?

Sent by Claire | 10:26 PM | 5-13-2008

dirk and tim can say what they want...

i am pretty sure my comment (and a couple others) helped carrie come to the conclusion that she should clear up the confusion. and she did that with a statement that was mnuch more FACTual and much less RANTy.

i love sleater-kinney... and have nothing against carrie. i just like people to be a little more clear when they decide to rip on others for their own gain (in this case - popularity amongst the millions of folks who find it funny to rip on the GD).

Sent by Anthony | 1:47 AM | 5-14-2008

The Rev. Carremiah Wright strikes! Can NPR bounce back from this outrageous...uh...declaration of fandom and...relaying of an actual communication that took place?

Actually, what this proves is that hippies are the most aggressive people in the world. (See also: Berkeley grocery stores.) It's either amusing or disappointing how easy it is to inflame them.

Sent by CJ | 2:19 AM | 5-14-2008

You were ok till the end, Anthony. Your 'whiner...wah wah wah' comment was like finding a toenail at the bottom of a bowl of soup. It ruined everything that came before it.

Sent by Dirk | 9:47 AM | 5-14-2008

The Dreadful Grate may be the most overexposed and richest classic arena rock bands of all time. They have a radio station already, why do they need real sophisticated exposure. They toured on the same material for years and years and have spawned all these very weak tribute bands(Mini-Dead's) the world could most definitely do without, thank you. Whether it's their lame iconography or silly groupthink, cookie-cutter fans. Thanks for the legacy of self-indulgent, non-experimental bands that don't write good songs or embrace their own generation's music. Funny, how the punk rock generation is fractured about how they feel about this band and their dead-weight scene. It's good to stand for something besides excess and stagnation. Anyway, what did the band ever do for the music that came after them, outside of other "jam bands"? Answer - Nothing! Hip and the Dead have never been uttered in the same breath that I've heard. Give me Neil Young any day, he's remained current, vital, and always supports newer generation bands as well. All of this despite what his fans may want, that's serious credibility in my book.

Now, let's talk about Pylon, Television, Mission of Burma, Lounge Lizards, The Fall, Sun Ra, Sonny Sharrock, early REM, James Blood Ulmer, Roy Haynes, Can, Gong, Robert Wyatt, Sun City Girls, Minutemen, Bastro, Ornette, Your band, Legendary Pink Dots, Morricone, Beck, Monk, Joni Mitchell, Husker Du, Sly, Pere Ubu, Talking Heads, Velvet Underground, Tortoise, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Kraftwerk, Nirvana, Feist, Bjork, Artanker Convoy, Grizzly Bear, Fela, Robyn Hitchcock, 13th Floor Elevators, Mars Volta, weird metal, Coltrane, Robert Johnson, The DBs, Public Enemy, Fab Five Freddy, Iggy, Kool & the Gang, Waits, Marc Ribot, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, Yo La Tango, The Zombies, The Monkee's, The Clash, Calexico, Mike Watt, Nels Cline, Bill Frisell, Ron Miles, Fred Frith, Avi, Broken Social Scene, Scott Amendola, Jeff Parker, Skerik, Stones Throw record label, Arts and Crafts label, Warp label, Thrill Jockey label..................................................

Sorry for the vitriolic tone


Sent by Who cares about this band? | 3:06 PM | 5-14-2008

People were surprised your mix was "heavy on rock"? You're a rock musician, what were they expecting?

Pylon! Wow, haven't heard one of their tunes for a long time. Saw them at Maxwell's in Hoboken back in the early '80s. Between them and R.E.M., it seemed Athens, Ga. was going to take over the world.

Sent by Doc | 7:06 PM | 5-14-2008

I think my aversion to the g-d GD--which works as an adj., too--begins w/ their logo's sad nomenclature: it's a 'steal-your-face'.

WTF? Is that a noun? Really, that's enough to dismiss the rest. Which's a shame, since there may be some music behind the greasy, foetid trimmings. I hadn't taken Entertain to be about this, but I'll consider it in this light.

To those who see themeselves reflected in the 'bong hit' line: are you a lawyer? I think it's clear that's who CB meant. Paranoid, possibly?

Sent by fishy snax | 7:27 PM | 5-14-2008

As the person who made the first "Vault" (actually "Taper's Section") comment, could I ask Anthony to expand on this?

2nd - during the time they made that decision, they were in the process of trying to sell the vault to Rhino... who are in the process now of releasing some AMAZING recordings at quality levels MUCH better than the SBDs that were floating around (and still are for those who had them beforehand... you can still trade these freely with friends like you were always able to do... you just can't offer them online).

I follow this pretty closely and I'm not aware of Rhino releasing anything that hasn't come out on GD Records first. I checked Rhino's site and didn't see anything new there either. Is there something new coming out that hasn't been announced yet? I would happily pay for the kind of stuff that was in the "Taper's Vault," but I don't like that there is NO way (even by paying) to get it on my iPod...

Sent by David G. | 7:44 PM | 5-14-2008

btw the 2 dead Americana records are great. i'll give the Dead credit where credit is due.

Sent by Who cares about this band? | 7:07 AM | 5-15-2008

thanks for the small faces tip. they've been on my list for a while, but after hearing that tune, i need more. also, i watched a movie last night called "live it up" and it features a young Steve Marriott (of small faces). the movie is corny as hell, but THE MUSIC IS AMAZING. all tunes were written by the fantastic Joe Meek (if you haven't heard his "I Hear a New World" album, it's brilliant!). it's only a 75 minute movie, so the cornyass plot is just bearable enough to pass the time between the songs. which, did i mention, are so very good.

Sent by lorenzo | 1:51 PM | 5-15-2008

The Hollies do a (I think) superior version of "Jesus was a Cross Maker".

Sent by Darren Barefoot | 2:58 PM | 5-15-2008

Claire: not unless triple-whammy's prioritized (like 'trifecta'): 1 is better than 2 is better than 3. So, it's not exactly a hat-trick, either.

Sent by Noble | 4:48 PM | 5-15-2008

In retaliation, i'm going to download and play NPR shows in public without getting any permission or paying NPR anything. Ha!

Sent by D. Head | 5:28 AM | 5-16-2008

I think there might be an interesting idea to explore that comes out of people's expectations of what songs you picked. I find that there are some musicians/bands that I want to love, not because of their music, but because of their politics, how they approach collaboration, or any number of things. Yet, I can never get into them. For me that band is Fugazi. I should like them, but they have never held my attention. I'm sure many folk have had similar experiences, especially if they don't feel well represented in popular music. In turn, they might profess to like a band, but not have a good idea of the music because they don't listen to it often. So the question becomes, which bands might you respect, but not particularly like their music? Or vice versa, which bands do you love their music, but think they grade-a morons?

Sent by mikej | 5:14 PM | 5-16-2008

I never realized those little dancing bear stickers were for the Dead. I thought they were for fluffies.

Sent by Gina V. | 9:47 PM | 5-24-2008

I'm new to your blog so this might be a little too late. I just wanted to say that after reading the last few posts, count me in as a regular reader. As a neighbor (The 'Couve) it's nice to hear local stuff from a local perspective. I also wanted to add great Van Zandt pick, one of my favorites, and glad to see a nod to the Faces. You're right, more people should seek them out. Keep up the good work!

Sent by Melvillain | 6:43 PM | 5-29-2008

Oops, I read that wrong. I thought it was the Faces not the Small Faces. Pardon my mistake. Ditto to the Small Faces too! More exposure for more great music!

No worries, that hardly constitutes a mistake. Plus, mistakes happen on this blog on occasion. Thanks for reading. -CB

Sent by Melvillain | 6:47 PM | 5-29-2008

Another good resource for finding out stuff about the Small Faces is this website.

It gives the location of places made famous by the Small Faces and other bands.

The Real Itchycoo park

The J60 Music bar in Manor park, where Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane struck up a friendship.

Along with a few other locations.

Sent by Rock Pilgrimages | 7:00 AM | 6-9-2008