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Politicans As Rock Stars

Editor's Note: Hear Carrie's commentary on 'Politicians As Rock Stars' from NPR's Day to Day

Some of you might remember the post last week suggesting that we momentarily view the current presidential election through a musical lens. After all, as connoisseurs of music, we are often judging — or at least discussing — the best albums, shows, or bands. Additionally, we often care when our favorite bands pick horrible, or simply incongruous, openers at their live shows. But when the combination of headliner and supporting act is harmonious, or so mismatched as to be genius, it can make for an incredible experience.

Plus, since everyone else seems to have a methodology as to how Obama and McCain should go about choosing their running mates, we might as well propose one, as well. And once we determine the results — that McCain is, um, Liz Phair, and therefore his running mate should be RZA — then all we have to do is decide what politician is most like RZA. After that, we let John McCain's people know. Or something like that. See for yourself.

Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions; they are included in the poll. Please vote for the best pair below. Write-in answers are also welcome in the comments section. Polling will end on Friday, July11th.

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