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Sounds Of Victory, Sounds Of Defeat

There's been a fair bit of chatter on blogs and in weekly newspapers about what songs we'll want to listen to if our presidential candidate of choice wins. Conversely, what might we put on to console ourselves in the event of a loss?

Keep in mind that there's more going on in this election than Obama vs. McCain. For one, California has Prop 8 on the ballot — the most expensive ballot measure in the country, with both sides' spending totaling around $60 million combined. Plus, there are countless statewide, congressional and local races, the results of which might make Nov. 4 less-than-stellar for some of us, even if our presidential choice is victorious.

So let's compile a playlist: songs to get us through the euphoria of a win, the devastation of a loss and everything in between.

As for me — and, yes, my views are mine alone, and do not reflect those of NPR or NPR Music — if Obama wins:

The Chambers Brothers, "Time Has Come Today"

The Chamber Brothers' video clip below uses the radio edit of the song, but you should check out the nearly nine-minute-long album version; it's pretty insane. The Ramones' cover of the tune is equally magnificent.

Speaking of the Ramones...

The Ramones, "I Believe in Miracles"

Okay, so "miracle" might be the wrong word, but the profound sense of relief a lot of people will feel once this election season is over — and especially, ahem, if Obama wins — might feel pretty miraculous.

Al Green, "People Get Ready"

Curtis Mayfield penned the tune, but this is an awesome video of Al Green performing it. An obvious choice and an amazing song.

Buzzcocks, "Harmony in My Head"

One of my favorite songs — I never tire of hearing it. The lyrics don't match the sentiment of winning, exactly, but the song lifts you up just the same.