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Looking Forward

As some of you may know — or perhaps you read about us in the national news! — Portland recently went through Arctic Blast 2008. But if you watched even a few minutes of our gleeful local newscasts, you would realize that it should have been called Snowgasm. The newscasts interrupted everything short of Blazers games, snow-plowing over (someone's) daytime favorites with callous, foreboding comments like, "You'll be able to catch Days Of Our Lives at... 3:05 a.m." When someone on TV tossed in a Hurricane Katrina comparison, I felt doomed, but only in the karmic sense.

For a few days, most of us were stuck indoors with only foot power to rely on. Then, once adult vs. child sledding lost its luster and the novelty of cross-country skiing in our yards went from cool to embarrassing ("Need anything at Trader Joe's?" I was asked, more than once), Portlanders braved the streets in their cars and said to hell with cabin fever. Eight rental DVDs later, the low point being House Bunny, I too was on the road.

Now, thankfully, we have put this local tragedy behind us. All we're left with is rain in the forecast — no one here is stupid enough to complain about this yet, but give it a few days — and dirty, slushy snow. Imagine living inside a week-old Coke Slurpee, and you get the idea.

I should add that the new Bon Iver Blood Bank EP was the perfect soundtrack to the snow. A less welcome guest arrived in the form of an email from a publicist with this asinine information:

Even celebrities are being hit hard by the current economic crisis. asked the stars how they plan on getting creative during a Recession Christmas and this is what they told us:
Kate Hudson: "It's a really weird time, and everyone is feeling it. This year I'm doing these great big knitted gifts."
Jim Carrey: "I'm bailing out the economy. No one's getting anything. Isn't that enough, to bail out the economy?"
Gabrielle Union: "I told my family, I said, 'Look, I'm a black actress in a bad economic time. You're getting my love."

I sincerely hope that the stars had a Merry Christmas, and the same goes for you.

But now we must look to 2009, and to the pressure of New Year's Eve. Let's all do something that both encapsulates the previous year and thrusts us into the new one with providence. No pressure. Personally, I begin planning with friends about a week in advance, discussing big, lofty ideas: dance or dinner parties, shows, etc. By the 31st, however, I'm exhausted from the pressure and end up home at 12:02 a.m., if I go out at all. So, what are your plans?

Someone pointed out that 2009 is the year of Monitor Mix. In roman numerals, MMIX = 2009. Indeed it does. With that in mind, my next post will discuss New Year's Resolutions. But for now, I'll leave you with words from a Portland bumper sticker that I saw yesterday: If you lived in your heart, you'd be home now.

What a horrible way to end a post, with you stuck inside your chest cavity. Sorry.