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Lightning Dust, I Love You

Just in case you were wondering, there is music that I'm really in love with right now. But there's only one record that I listen to every single day, and that's Lightning Dust's upcoming Infinite Light.

NPR is currently offering an Exclusive First Listen of the entire album here.

The first song, "Antonia Jane," gives me chills each time I hear it. I think it's the line, "I declare a war on you." But mostly, it's the overall interplay of the band's guitar, piano and vocals; together, they create a musical conversation that vacillates between melancholy and joy, grime and glimmer. And the drums sound like far-off foot soldiers, coming up close and then receding into the background. Lightning Dust makes really electrifying music — not shocking or bombastic, but in a way that puts the listener near the power source, close enough to feel the buzz, tingle and vibration that accompany beauty.

Watch a live version of the fantastic song, "I Knew."

Jagjaguwar strikes again! Those maniacs, they get me every time.