NPR logo Phish Update No. 4: Let's Get Together

Phish Update No. 4: Let's Get Together

Alright, even though the effort is greatly appreciated, it's getting difficult to keep track of all of the recommended Phish listening. Not to worry, I'll keep combing through the suggestions, downloading live material, and watching You Tube links, but I think I'd like to take some of you up on your offers to hand over some actual material.

So, here's my idea: if you live in the Portland area and have a moment to burn me some CDs of your favorite live Phish shows, let's meet up! (I'd suggest that out-of-towners mail me music, but time is of the essence.) Please don't bring along anything I need to return. I propose that we pick a coffee shop or bar on the east side of town. Tomorrow perhaps? And be prepared, I'll have my video camera along with me.


Lastly, here is your daily photo update:

All photos taken on July 14, 2009 at approximately 12:15 p.m. PST.

Outfit: yellow v-neck t-shirt, untucked. Jeans. Converse.
Phish status: Owner of three studio albums and one live album. I have now witnessed over twenty YouTube clips of live Phish shows. My favorite clip thus far is 12.09.95 "YEM (You Enjoy Myself)" from Albany, NY.


Tobey: worried that this Phish phrenzy will impede his daily exercise routine.


Olive: likes the way Phish CDs feel like a hat.


A snapshot of what my computer screen looks like today.