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Hey, Genius: More On The Beatles

After a little more than a week in New York City, I am finally set up with my own Internet connection. I don't know what I was thinking by not setting this up before I arrived, but it certainly made blogging this past week more of an adventure. Thanks goes out to "default," owned by whatever neighbor of mine has no idea how to password-protect his or her wireless router. No thanks to "The Wacko From Chicago" (whose connection was tenuous at best) and to "Can't Touch This, Nah Nah Nah Nah," just for being an ass.

Along with the Internet, I now have cable. The installation guy left VH1 on when he left. And, since the channel was playing Beatles videos all morning, I couldn't tear myself away. I rarely watch TV — and it's even rarer for me to watch one of the music channels — but old Beatles footage trumps just about anything.

Actually, I had forgotten that I could get lost just watching George Harrison's fingers move along the neck of his guitar during the recording of "Hey Bulldog," or be utterly charmed by watching Lennon and McCartney sing that same song, side by side, McCartney leaning in to punctuate some of the lines. When they walk away from the mic, and only the lyrics and headphones remain, I actually get chills.

Really, it is too easy to take The Beatles' genius for granted. If there's one thing I'm loving about this build-up to the release of The Beatles: Rock Band, it's being reminded on a daily basis that life would not be the same without this band.

Also, check out this video for "When I'm 64." What a glorious, trippy, silly and artful piece of animation this is. I especially love the segment toward the end with the numbers.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!