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Google To Unveil Music Search

It comes as no surprise that it was the record companies that proposed the idea for Google to launch a music search page that comes with an option to purchase music. Though the official announcement won't be made until next Wednesday, and we still don't know when the search will be available, perhaps this is good news for all artists.

Obviously, the ability to buy music online — or to be redirected to a page on which one can buy music — already exists. You go to a Web site, read about and listen to a band, and then follow a link to buy its song or album. However, the process has yet to be as simple as typing a name into Google. In other words, when it comes to search engines, the "buy" option comes later (after a bit of exploration), but soon buying will come first, or nearly first.

According to Reuters:

"The music page will package a musician's or band's image, artwork, news and song previews, along with a way to buy songs."

Again, I think this is good news for bands and musicians. In some ways, the new model makes Google more like iTunes or other online music stores, wherein the aim is purchasing, not just sampling. But I hope that it's not just bigger bands and labels who are able to make the most of the new search option. I suppose we'll find out...