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The Decade In Music: '00s

The Way We Were: Music Blogs And Sites In The '00s

It's been a good 10 years, Music Internet. At first, our love was forbidden — all your MP3 blogs were illegal. The RIAA would shut 'em down, and we'd keep making out in the backseat of our Napster sedan like hormonally addled teenagers.

We coded Web sites with primitive HTML buckets all night, fueled by dorm food and two liters of the latest green, caffeinated abomination. It was a simple Web presence, but it was ours.

And then there's you, Tofu Hut. You haven't changed a bit — you even kept the Blogspot domain name. And I love that about you.

We've gone back through our catalog of broken images on the Wayback Machine: domain changes, splash pages, ridiculously long blogrolls and low-bitrate Real Players. These were the MP3 blogs, online zines, and other music ephemera that made up our digital scrapbook.

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