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Dispatches From Portland: Into The Woods

Now that I'm back in Portland, I suppose I should send some dispatches from the city.

First up is a nascent web TV project called "Into the Woods," which is "an episodic music series where bands take a group of their close friends to a cabin in the woods for an intimate show." It's Blair Witch with guitars.

The first episode — which premiered last night — features the Portland band Wampire.

You can watch a trailer for the episode below:

Into the Woods Episode #1 Trailer Wampire from Into the Woods on Vimeo.

I like how Into the Woods aims to capture the communal nature of Portland's music scene (and, by communal, I mean that it sometimes feels like a sweaty pig pile) and the often desolate and majestic settings in which people create here. There's a whole lot of spontaneity and inventiveness.

Back in the '90s, when Oregon cabins were inhabited by ax murderers and bears, Portland bands took their friends onto their porches, as you can in this Hazel video: