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What Your Birth Date Song Says About You

Yesterday, while recording the Spring Preview show with my All Songs Considered cohorts, we began discussing what songs were at the top of the charts on our respective birth dates. I had never heard of my song. It's Andy Kim's "Rock Me Gently." Please take a moment to listen to this sweet track from 1974:

After proclaiming my ignorance of the song to my friends, I was bombarded with the following information:

"Great '70s jam."

"Neil Diamond impersonator."

"Despite the sexual innuendo of the title and verse, it has been called the 'ultimate bubblegum teen-pop radio entry' of its time."

"His 'Baby How'd We Ever Get This Way?' is even better."

If Andy Kim's hit song says anything about me, it's that I've been a contrarian since birth. Most readers of this blog know that I hate my rock gentle. And now that I think about it, nor have I ever rocked anyone gently.

You are welcome to participate in this silly game as well by going to the site This Day In Music. Dissatisfied with the #1 on the U.S. charts? Try the Australian or U.K. charts instead! For instance, here is what was happening over in the U.K. on my birth date. Hmmm, I think I prefer Andy Kim.

Please share your own birth date songs in the comments section and what, if anything, your song says about you.