Marathon Weekend : Monkey See What Labor Day television marathons are available to keep you from the horrors of socializing? Don't worry; we're all over it.
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Marathon Weekend

Domestic Pleasures: Don't feel like leaving the house? January Jones is one good reason to stay in and wallow in a Mad Men marathon. AMC hide caption

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Labor Day weekend is for picnics and pencil-sharpening; grilling and gas-guzzling; lemonade and lying around soaking up the last days of summer. But if that's not enough leisure activity to drop your heart rate to a nice mellow hum, it's also a weekend of many, many TV marathons, in which episodes of shows good and bad air back-to-back (and then some) while you sip a root beer.

The Interesting Pile blog has rounded up a list of 2008 Labor Day marathons, and there's something for (almost) every fan.

The details, after the jump ...

On Saturday, ESPN Classic is showing old Evander Holyfield boxing matches, including bouts with Riddick Bowe and George Foreman. And after that, see him do the cha-cha on Dancing With The Stars!

Also Saturday, the History Channel tees up episodes of its logger documentary Ax Men, one of its collection of Dude Shows (like Ice Road Truckers and the like) saluting the fact that we are, at heart, a nation of Dudes. And speaking of Ice Road Truckers, it has its own marathon on Sunday.

If you've heard so much about how great Mad Men is that you're suspecting it might all be true (hint: it is), the season to date repeats on AMC on Sunday.

Sunday is the day TNT runs a Law & Order marathon, though that's true on most Sundays. And Mondays. And Tuesdays. get the idea.

Sunday also brings a marathon of TLC's Mystery Diagnosis. (Imaginary sample dialogue: "She cannot possibly have chickenpox, because the butler was left-handed!")

If you enjoy David Caruso whipping off his sunglasses and shooting off one-liners (check out this tribute video, which grows in hilarity as it goes), consider spending some time with A&E's CSI: Miami marathon.

The unluckiest mystery writer of all time rides again as the Hallmark Channel unloads a day of Murder, She Wrote.

And finally, as the NFL season sneaks up on us all, Starz runs a day of football movies, including Remember the Titans, Gridiron Gang and Invincible.

As always, do your marathoning safely: Drink lots of water, get up frequently to stretch your legs, and try not to set the house on fire with the sheer power of your lethargy.