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Election Movies

If Bob Mondello's story on election movies made you want to actually watch them, be advised that several of the films mentioned in the piece and in the accompanying Watch List are available on cable in the next week or two. (Depending, of course, on which movie channels you receive.) Specifically:

Primary Colors is on HBOS (that's HBO Signature) on August 21, at 1:00 PM or August 25 at 6:30 PM.
The Best Man is on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) on August 25 at 12:00 AM.
The Manchurian Candidate is on Encore 2, Wednesday, August 27 at 12:00 AM or Sunday, August 31 at 4:40 AM.
All The President's Men is on 5Star Max (that's a Cinemax channel), Thursday, August 28, 6:35 PM.
The Lives Of Others is running regularly at the moment on both Encore and Starz.
Duck Soup is on HBOC (that's HBO Comedy), September 1 at 8:35 AM.

If you have a DVR and can search listings, these should be easy to spot. Otherwise, try the online listings at

Finally, if you're a Netflix person, The Candidate is available through their Watch Instantly program, and you can call it up on your computer whenever you'd like.

Did they miss any of your political favorites? Feel free to chime in with comments.


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Because of the timely heads-up, I was able to catch Primary Colors (which I'd had a hankering to see again lately) in its repeat showing last night. Though I don't consider it one of the world's great movies, there are lot of enjoyable individual things in it. Travolta's performance has, I think, been underrated; there's a lot of nuance in it that he makes look effortless and unstudied. There are two Brits playing central roles convincingly as Americans (Emma Thompson, Adrian Lester). And all the fun actors such as always pop up in supporting parts in Mike Nichols movies: Kathy Bates of course, Billy Bob Thornton, Maura Tierney, Allison Janney, Mykelti Williamson, Diane Ladd, Tony Shalhoub. Good times.

Sent by Rinaldo | 9:48 AM | 8-26-2008

It's not a Presidential Election movie, but "Election" starring Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick is fantastic.

Sent by Skywarp! | 10:08 AM | 8-26-2008

I doubt it's airing anywhere, but Bob Roberts, directed by Tim Robbins as a response to the first Gulf War, is practically a prophecy regarding the development of conservative media and Fox News.

Sent by expatstudent | 11:23 AM | 8-26-2008

No doubt the timeliness of the release of "Fly to the Moon" speaks for the NASA agenda for public debate and awareness. "Buzz" even shows up at the end of the movie for his endorsement. Coincidence?

Sent by Jeff | 11:58 AM | 8-26-2008

As Sophomoric as it may sound, "Bulworth" proved to be one of my favourite satirical/political movies. After all, seeing Dick Tracy rap has to be good for something.

Sent by Sarah Beth | 2:08 PM | 8-26-2008

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