NPR logo Kat DeLuna Sings National Anthem; Patriotism Says 'Uncle'


Kat DeLuna Sings National Anthem; Patriotism Says 'Uncle'

Look, the national anthem is a hard song. It has a notoriously huge range, it's not particularly rhythmic, and right at the end, it does that la-and of the freeeee" thing to you that will just really cause pain to the unprepared.

Nevertheless, most people called upon to sing the national anthem on a public stage as prominent as the one Monday Night Football provides can be counted on to rehearse it enough that the experience doesn't wind up being ... too painful.

This is not always the case, however.

On Monday night, the anthem was performed by pop singer Kat DeLuna, who managed to hit enough sour notes that she was lustily booed by the crowd when the performance was over.

Granted, she made some choices about changing the mood of the song that not everyone would agree with. (A friend of mine commented, "I've always thought our national anthem needed more 'Unbreak My Heart.'")

But that really wasn't the problem.

The problem was the bad notes — including the very last note, which is very, very bad indeed.

The good news? She's not lip-synching, anyway.