I Blame the Boob-Window — Or: Why Girls Don't Read Comics

Girls power: What do Power Girl and her ever-present "boob window" have to do with

Girls power: What do Power Girl and her ever-present "boob window" have to do with the shuttering of Minx? The Monkey has a theory. DC Comics hide caption

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Last Thursday, DC Comics announced it was folding Minx, the company's line of graphic novels aimed at teenage girls, just a little over a year after the imprint's much-ballyhooed launch.

Now, the moment that word came down, the vasty comics blogosphere started filling up with words of its own: that familiar blend of opinion, analysis, finger-pointing, and the sentiment expressed so frequently on the Internet it should have its own Blogspot macro: "If-only-they'd-listened-to-me."


One big reason the fall of Minx so intrigues the comics cognoscenti: Minx was a part of DC, and DC is a part of Time-Warner.

So its demise means that even a girl-targeted comics line that gets produced, distributed and marketed under the aegis of mega-gargantua-Brobdignagian corporate overlords — overlords with Scrooge McDuck-size piles of cash at their command — can't find an audience.

Why don't girls read comics?

That, it turns out, is a stupid question.



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