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Holidays are made for family, ritual, and special episodes of television shows. Fortunately for all of us, Joost has gathered a bunch of Thanksgiving episodes in one place, meaning that if you wanted to, you could avoid your relatives for many, many hours without attracting attention to yourself. ("Gotta work," you could say, while hauling your laptop into a corner, plugging in your headphones, and enjoying the episode of Family Ties where Steven and Elyse get arrested on Thanksgiving.)

Joost is sort of like Hulu, with the disadvantages that the interface isn't as good, and the site requires you to sign up with an email address (everyone should have a free email account for exactly this kind of thing). The signup is easy, though, and once you're in the door, you can enjoy their Very Special Episodes, including — seen above — "The Late Thanksgiving," the episode of Friends where Rachel and Phoebe take baby Emma to the beauty pageant.

What's there, and what's missing, after the jump...

The series, which is a little hard to find but currently comes up in the billboard if you go to the site's home page are episodes of Gilmore Girls, Beverly Hills 90210, The O.C., and even Eight Is Enough.

There are some grievous omissions, of course, if you pretend we live in a world where everyone has rights to everything and you're actually trying to come up with the greatest Thanksgiving episodes of anything. Two Friends Thanksgiving episodes and not the one with Brad Pitt? No WKRP In Cincinnati with the turkeys dropping from the sky? (Wait, that one's over on Hulu.) Not the Mad About You where Paul and Jamie have to buy a series of about ten turkeys to replace the ones dropped from buildings and eaten by the dog?

No, these aren't the best Thanksgiving episodes, but if you're in the mood for a turkey theme and a lot of cranberry jokes, and if you're looking for somebody to do the browsing for you, they've got you covered.