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Open Question: Are You An Outspoken Defender?

I mentioned here last week that I have been, at times, an outspoken defender of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. Yes, it's the worst title in the history of reality television, quite possibly, and that's already a field with an impressive history of bad titles. Yes, the world might be a better place without either celebrities or rehab, let alone the meeting of the two.

But it's also a show where, every now and then, someone accidentally says something weirdly insightful, mostly because he or she forgot to be a self-centered yahoo for about ten seconds and a little window opened up that let a beam of light crack the otherwise impenetrable wall of superficiality. Intermittent reinforcement, right? The most effective kind of all.

I'm always fascinated by other people's "outspoken defender" experiences. It's not the same as "guilty pleasures," exactly — guilty pleasures are the things you know have no merit but enjoy anyway. I'm talking about being the one person who truly found The Love Guru hilarious, or being the biggest fan that the ABC show Cavemen — which was based on the insurance-selling cavemen, by the way — ever had. The best thing you can bring to your consumption of popular entertainment is a genuine ability to think for yourself (as opposed to an ability to disagree with the majority, which is totally different, of course), so in some ways, this may be your mark of genius.

So let's throw it open: Are you an outspoken defender? Of what? Do you admit it to your family? Your friends? Have you suffered what one of my college professors would have called the disapprobation of your peers as a result? If I can admit to mine, after all, you can admit to yours.