NPR logo 'Amazing Race' Mel Chooses Not To Pray For God To Make Him Win


'Amazing Race' Mel Chooses Not To Pray For God To Make Him Win

Anyone who has followed my long love affair with various competitive reality shows has heard me complain about the way people sometimes choose to ask God for help. Asking for strength: fine. Asking not to die while skydiving: certainly! But asking, "Please make me win instead of that other guy"? That seems...vaguely distasteful.

The latest person to weigh in on my side of the argument: Mel, the Amazing Race contestant who, in Sunday's episode, had to wait in agony for the winds to change so he could complete a parasailing task. Other teams had already moved on, choosing to run down the steep mountain instead. But Mel was nursing a pulled muscle and didn't think he could do the run, so he waited for the instructors to give the all-clear. And, in the clip above, he explained why he didn't think it was necessarily a great idea to ask God to step in and alter the results.

Oh, and Mel? Mel is a minister who has written extensively about spirituality, so take that, callow tattooed bartenders praying to win Survivor!