Brushing Up For The Live Chat : Monkey See If you want to talk Super Bowl ads but didn't see any of them, you can still join us for a live chat this morning by checking them out online.
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Brushing Up For The Live Chat

If you're planning to attend our post-Super Bowl chat at 11:00 a.m. this morning with Bob Garfield but you didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the Super Bowl ads, you can still get in on all the good talk. As bizarre as it seems to have a gallery of commercials to be watched on purpose, has them all in a handy collection.

I think there are some interesting things to note this year, including one or two advertisers who seem like tight-economy specialists you'd never see in any other year, some very elaborate visuals, and one very simple and very funny idea that, for me, was the best laugh of the night. Pick a favorite, spot a pattern, or just wonder why this much work goes into things that are often so uninteresting, and we'll be here at 11:00 listen and talk.