Just The Thing For A Four-Year-Old With A Laptop : Monkey See Classic kids' television comes to your computer.
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Just The Thing For A Four-Year-Old With A Laptop

Did I know Sesame Street was on Hulu and had its own YouTube channel? It appears this happened in late 2008, but I must not have realized, because I certainly would have lost an entire day to it. It's interesting to see classic kids' shows show up on services like this; I'm not sure whether the presumed audience is current nerds or current nerds' children. Either group is lucky to be able to enjoy a little singing Ernie, though.

Note that the Sesame Street YouTube channel disables embedding on all its videos, so you can watch "C Is For Cookie," but as they say, you can't take it with you like you can with the Hulu stuff.

While the Hulu selection is a little Elmo-centric for my tastes (I suppose one's affection for Elmo is one of those skinny-Elvis/fat-Elvis questions that divides generations), they're probably smart to capitalize on the nostalgic tendencies of people like me — who will otherwise be reduced to poor-quality YouTube life lessons. Which brings me to "We are out of sweet rolls."

Possibly the best angry cartoon lady ever, after the jump...

If you have ever worked in customer service in any capacity, you will be able to relate to this fantastic Electric Company cartoon, which handily supplies the only response to frustration you will ever need.

(Special note: For my appreciation of "Sweet Rolls," I must credit Sarah Bunting, who first introduced me to its greatness and remains one of its most impassioned advocates.)