'The Office': Meet Kelly Kapoor : Monkey See In which we celebrate the several charms of The Office's Kelly Kapoor.
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'The Office': Meet Kelly Kapoor

In honor of the discussion of The Office's Mindy Kaling (in Neda Ulaby's Morning Edition story on the children of immigrants), we are proud to present just three of the many, many reasons to love Kaling and her character, Kelly Kapoor.

1. She gets to be mean to Pam. The clip above, in which Kelly "helpfully" compliments office sweetheart Pam on her glasses, is merely the beginning. Kelly and Pam also once had a smackdown regarding the Ping-Pong abilities of their boyfriends in the episode "The Deposition," as seen below.

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2. She never gives up on love. Kelly has dated the horrible Ryan Howard and kind of dated warehouse guy Darryl Philbin. But confronted with new boss Charles Miner (Idris Elba), she's all over him, too.

3. She's a merciless schemer. Kelly only has one line in this very short clip, as Dwight invades her "nook" and tells her that he suspects her of scheming to make him look bad, but she makes the most of it.

(As it turns out, Kelly has in fact engaged in a complex piece of sabotage to get back at Jim and Dwight for skipping her America's Got Talent finale party. Now that's dedication.)