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Come Back, O Taboo Against The Viewing Of Stomach Contents

Jesse Eisenberg and Martin Starr in Adventureland

Adventureland: It's a lovely movie, but it follows a most unfortunate trend. Miramax hide caption

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Look, there's no polite way to say this, but it's important.

It used to be that in a movie, if you were sick to your stomach to the point where you needed to empty its contents, you would do so discreetly, which is to say off-screen.

The retching sound was adequate to convey what had occurred. There was no need to actually watch the event in progress. "Cough cough," or sometimes, "Cough cough, flush," and everybody understood.

Oh, how things have changed.

Current examples, blaming Leslie Mann, and a plaintive plea for mercy, after the jump...

As it happens, I saw three movies on Saturday: Observe And Report, Adventureland, and — on cable, in the evening, at no charge, I assure you — the Patrick Dempsey "comedy"



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