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Movie Fates That Sound A Lot More Appealing Than '17 Again'

17 Again: Maybe it's just us, but that actually doesn't sound that whimsical. Warner Brothers Pictures hide caption

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17 Again is the biggest movie in the country right now, thanks to an audience that was — at least on opening weekend — reportedly almost half people under 18. In other words, this movie about being 17 years old again is disproportionately appealing to people who are 17 years old right now, or haven't been 17 years old yet.

And it's no wonder, because for many of us, 17 Again is not a title that screams "whimsical fantasy." It is a title that screams...well, a title that screams screaming. Something like: "Seventeen? You mean seventeen years old? Again?"

Because here are ten movies in which I would rather find myself stranded than 17 Again.

1. Once More To The Oral Surgeon

2. It's A Year-Round Mall Of America Christmas

3. Fly-Fishing With Angry Talk-Radio Callers

4. Six Hours On The Tarmac

5. The Cubicle-Mate Of A Thousand Ironic Ringtones

6. The Longest Puppet Show

7. Car Alarm!

8. I Wore New Shoes To A Six-Hour Wedding

9. Phantom Of The Ice Capades

10. Faceful Of Pollen

Feel free to add your own in the comments, because I'm pretty sure there are many more.