One Of The Sort-Of 'Stars' Won That 'Dancing' Show Last Night : Monkey See If you don't watch Dancing With The Stars, we're here for you, to fill you in on the finale so you don't have to wonder whether you are missing something of cultural significance. (Spoiler: you are not.)
NPR logo One Of The Sort-Of 'Stars' Won That 'Dancing' Show Last Night

One Of The Sort-Of 'Stars' Won That 'Dancing' Show Last Night

Dancing for recognition: The Dancing With The Stars judges weren't very helpful in crowning the winner, since they gave out so many perfect 10s, but the viewer voting was there to fill in the blanks. ABC hide caption

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Between the network up-fronts and the slew of season finales, it's a TV-heavy time, I understand. But suppose you are trapped Memorial Day weekend in a conversation in which people are discussing their favorite moments of this season of Dancing With The Stars. Don't you want to be able to contribute?

Okay, "contribute" is a strong word. "Comprehend"?

"Feign interest"?

Whatever, whatever. The eighth season of one of the highest-rated shows on television came to an end last night as Shawn Johnson (who is actually sort of famous in that she is an Olympic gymnast), Gilles Marini (who is a tiny bit famous in that he was the naked guy in Sex And The City who barely did anything except shower), and Melissa Rycroft (who is briefly famous for being dumped at the very end of The Bachelor) faced off for the right to claim a very, very ugly trophy.

Seriously, it may be the ugliest award on television. It may be uglier than the award Melissa almost won on The Bachelor, which you will recall was a highly suspect engagement to a sketchy dude who could not shut up about following his heart.

But someone still won it.

Who won, and the dance that took the trophy, after the jump...

We love our Olympians, and we proved it again by handing the trophy to Shawn Johnson, even though she received less praise from the judges all season — particularly as compared to Gilles, who drove audiences wild with his grace, musicality, and tendency to sometimes do the paso doble without his shirt.

While Gilles was the most consistent performer, everyone closes the season with a freestyle, and Shawn (and her professional partner Mark Ballas) did the best one of the three finalists. She particularly outplayed Gilles, whose partner, Cheryl Burke, made him perform to "Flashdance (What A Feeling)." No kidding.

It's a pretty ridiculous show, but it does have its moments, and at the end of the season, I always wind up oddly fond of everyone. How do you not like dancing? Even if it's hard to argue there are many stars involved.