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Defending the Universe, With Guns, Grit and Really Steep Fines

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Rex Libris, titular hero of James Turner's smart, stylish and breathlessly paced comic series, is a custodian of great and terrible secrets who must perforce do endless battle 'gainst those who would seek to corrupt, destroy or abscond with the collected lore of the ages.

Which is to say: He's a public librarian.

Rex Libris: Book of Monsters, the second volume chronicling his feats of derring-do among the Dewey decimals, is in stores now.

Why you should check it out (heh) after the jump. (Because..."check it out" ... library .... )

Rex has seen a lot over the years, and done a lot and read a lot. That beefy, flat-topped guy in the toga behind the checkout desk at the library of Alexandria? Yeah, that was him.

So he takes his current responsibilities heading up the Middleton Public Library very seriously. Seriously enough to travel to outer space (in the first volume) to collect an overdue book from an evil alien tyrant bent on all the usual things that evil alien tyrants get bent on.

In Volume 2, Rex finds himself sucked into an illustrated encyclopedia of monsters — into page 43, "The Kraken," to be exact — and must fight his way through the book's many fanged, tentacled and/or zombified entries in search of a missing library patron.