NPR logo Does No One Remember The Last Arranged-Marriage Show?


Does No One Remember The Last Arranged-Marriage Show?

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Marriage television: Fox apparently forgot what happened the last time they tried a show about arranging marriages. hide caption

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I realize that practically nobody watched the disastrous 2003 Fox show about arranged marriages, Married By America, and for good reason. It was atrocious, stupid, boring, and completely anticlimactic, since in the end, nobody got married. I would never have watched it myself except that I was being paid to write about it at the time.

But now, Fox is back at it, developing a show called I Married A Stranger, which is essentially the same show, but worse. Worse! Last time, your family and friends just picked the fiancé, and you had to go off and live together. It was at least up to you whether to get married.



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