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Awards Season

Neil Patrick Harris > Seacrest + Probst + Klum + Mandel + Bergeron

After last year's very bad decision to turn the Emmy telecast over to the five nominated reality-show hosts — all of whom flopped, with the exception of the always-lovely Tom Bergeron — the show planners seem to have regained their senses: Reports say they're trying to make a deal with Neil Patrick Harris to host the show in September.

While he didn't get to do as much at the Tony Awards as I was hoping — with the exception of the fantastic closing number, which you can watch above — Harris was a lovely host and would undoubtedly make the Emmys a whole lot more watchable.

He also probably won't be upstaged this time by a guy who gets clocked by the scenery, so that's good news.

Make that deal, Emmy planners! If I have to liveblog three hours of Ryan Seacrest, I will be very upset.



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